Applications for funding/applications for accreditation: partner management and access to application forms


Mandatory steps to be followed by ALL applicants (for funding and for accreditation)

ECAS authentication
Access to all of the application options below is validated by ECAS, the European Commission's Authentication Service. Applicants must therefore have an ECAS account. If you do not yet have an ECAS account, click here to be directed to the ECAS website where you can create one.

Organisation registration (PIC numbers)
All organisations that seek to be included as a participant in a funding application or wish to apply for an accreditation, must first have registered in EACEA’s Participant Portal. The registration system assigns a unique Participant Identification Code (PIC) to each organisation. If an organisation does not have a PIC number, it cannot apply for funding or apply for an accreditation. Click here to be directed to EACEA’s Participant Portal. Access to the portal is validated by ECAS (see above).

Points to be noted and respected by applicants for funding ONLY

Organisation profile
Some actions require a minimum number of participating organisations in order for the application to be considered eligible. Likewise, some actions require there to be representation from specific countries for the application to be considered eligible. Please carefully check whether any such rules apply to the funding opportunity you are applying under. If such rules do apply, you must respect those rules when building your list of participating organisations. If you have not respected the rules, you will receive an error message when the application eForm is created and you will have to start the entire process again.

One uninterrupted session
When you proceed with either of the funding application options below, you will be guided through a series of steps resulting in the creation of a new or updated application eForm. These steps are fully described in the User Guide. Please note that these steps must be completed in one continuous session. It is not possible to interrupt the activity and resume it at a later time. If you close the browser window in which you are working or if you close the browser entirely, you will lose the data you have entered and will have to start again. Please therefore ensure you have all necessary PIC numbers AND have checked the rules for the organisation profile BEFORE YOU PROCEED.

Applications for funding

Applications for accreditation