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Description: The aim of the European Voluntary Service is to support young people's participation in various forms of voluntary activities, both within and outside the European Union. Under this Action, young people take part individually or in groups in non-profit, unpaid activities.
Reference: The Programme Guide
Applications: Application forms for permanent call for proposals 2013
Participation: Please find more information in Who can participate?
Responsible entity: EACEA or National agencies.
Please find more information in How to apply?
Projects duration:
Up to 24 months
Useful link:

Database of approved EVS organisations

Hopscotch for EVS/ACTION2 Handbook for EVS Promoters: http://www.salto-youth.net/download/2006

Support documents for European Voluntary service(Action 2)

EVS volunteer Info-Kit

The Info-Kit is meant to support volunteers and Sending Organisations in the pre-departure preparation and has to be made available to all volunteers before their departure. It contains important information about what volunteers can expect from their Sending and Host Organisations and what the organisations can expect from the volunteer. The content of the Kit may wary from country to country, but four compulsory parts are provided by the European Commission and are common for all volunteers:

  1. PDF Welcome letter;
  2. PDF What to expect from EVS;
  3. PDF Youthpass in EVS;

For further information about the insurance coverage, instructions on enrolment of your volunteer(s), we advise you to read the information available on the website of MSH international www.msh-intl.com/global and get in touch with them directly:

18 rue de Courcelles
75384  Paris Cedex 08
Tel. : + 33 (0) 1 44 20 82 10
Email : indiveurope@msh-intl.com

axaEVS volunteers are covered by a group insurance plan specifically designed to protect them during their period of voluntary activity. The cover is compulsory and free of charge to the Volunteers. The following guides provide information about the principles of this insurance.

PDF Volunteer's guide: enfrdebgcsdaetelesgaitlvlthumtnlplptroskslfisvtr

EVS Training and Evaluation - Guidelines and minimum quality standards

One of the key features of EVS is the training and evaluation it provides, guiding young volunteers through a non-formal learning process before, during and after their period of service abroad. These guidelines gives an overview of the objectives and expected achievements of the various trainings provided for the volunteers. The guidelines are intended for anybody involved in the training of EVS volunteers, as well as for the volunteers themselves.

PDF EVS Volunteer Training: Guidelines and Minimum Quality Standards (2011, pdf) en 

European Voluntary Service Charter

The European Voluntary Service Charter is part of the Youth in Action Programme Guide and highlights the roles of EVS Sending, Host and Coordinating Organisations and the main principles and quality standards of EVS. Each EVS Project promoter adheres to the provisions set out in this Charter.

PDF European Voluntary Service Charter

YOUTH: General Recommendations for Visa/Residence Permit Applications

This document offers advice and guidance concerning visa and residence permits if necessary for participating in a YOUTH project. The document contains information according to length and purpose of the stay in a foreign country. Note: This document provides general information, for further details it is advised to contact the Youth in Action National Agencies in charge.

PDF General Recommendations for Visa/Residence Permit Application  enenen

If, after following the 'General Recommendations for Visa/Residence Permit Applications', Coordinating Organisations experience difficulty in obtaining visas for individual volunteers the Executive Agency can provide a letter of support.

The letter of support will provide confirmation that the young person in question is intending to participate in a European Union funded Youth in Action programme project.

To request a letter of support the Coordinating Organisation must complete the relevant, identified, details in the following document. A separate document must be provided for each individual volunteer.

PDF Visa support

To allow the Executive Agency to provide the same level of service to all Coordinating Organisations please note the following requirements:-
a. Requests for support letters must be submitted no later than 1 month before the intended date of travel of the young volunteer in question.
b. Only requests submitted using the above template, fully completed, will be dealt with.
c. Requests must be submitted by e-mail to eacea-p6@ec.europa.eu
d. In completing the above template the Coordinating Organisation takes full responsibility for any errors or omissions.

The Executive Agency will provide letters of support to Coordinating Organisations within 10 working days of receipt of correctly submitted requests.

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