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Action 4.1. "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth"

Call for proposals EACEA 26/12


This call for proposals concerns Action 4.1 of the Youth in Action Programme and its purpose is to provide support for the operating costs of bodies active at European level in the field of youth and pursuing an aim which is of general European interest.

The bodies must help encourage young people to participate as citizens in public life, in society and in the development and implementation of European cooperation actions in the broadly defined field of youth.

This call for proposals corresponds to the annual operating grants to be awarded for 2013. It does not concern organizations having concluded a Framework Partnership Agreement with the Executive Agency for 2011-2013.

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency is responsible for implementing this call for proposals.


The call for proposals has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union 2012/C271/06 on the 08/09/2012.

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Applicants' Guidelines

The Applicants' Guidelines (technical explanations accompanying the call for proposals) provide information on the eligibility, selection and award criteria, as well as on the financial conditions and procedures concerning the submission of proposals.

PDF enfrde

Proposals must comply with the provisions set out in the Call for proposals EACEA/26/2012 and the Applicant's Guidelines.

Deadline for submission

Applications must be submitted at the latest at 12:00 p.m. (mid-day Brussels time) the 15 November 2012. After this date, the on-line application system will be closed until it is re-opened for the next application phase.

warning Please note that the deadline for submission of the applications is 15/11/2012, as stipulated in the Call for proposals and in the Guidelines.

Therefore, do not take into account the date 15/10/2012 mentioned in the E-form Application.

Application procedure

The grant application form is available for completion and submission on-line. All applicants are required to submit their application on-line.

You will find hereunder all relevant documents for Action 4.1 "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth".

Step 1 - Download the new electronic form (referred to as the "eForm" below).

Download the eForm

Before you start to fill in your on-line application form, please print and read the eForm User Guide.

"eForm User Guide – Operating Grants 2007-2013" PDF en

You need to have the Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to able to download and complete the eForm. If you don't have it on your computer, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You will also find on this page all technical issues related to the eForm:

Step 2 - Fill in and submit the eForm and annexes

Once you have downloaded the eForm you must complete all of the data fields. In addition, you must complete and attach the annexes 1 and 2 before the submission:

A paper version of the Application file (print-out of the electronic form and annexes) duly signed by the legal representative must also be sent to the address below before the deadline of 15 November 2012.

warning If you experience a technical problem when submitting your application this must be reported to the EACEA by e-mail (eacea-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu and eacea-p6@ec.europa.eu ) before 12.00 p.m. (mid-day Brussels time) on the 15st November.
Technical problems reported after this time will not be accepted as justification for the late submission of applications.

We advise applicants not to wait until the last moment for submitting their application on-line.


1. Declaration on honour  Excel enfrde

2. Grant calculation
Reminder: The present call for proposals offers the opportunity for beneficiaries to apply either for a Flat Rate based financing or for Budget based financing. A body may submit only one type of application.

Annex 2a - for a Flat Rate application:

Annex 2b - for a Budget based application:

Grant Calculator: Excel enfrde

Budget form: Excel enfrde

3. Check-list PDF enfrde

Additional mandatory forms

  • Legal identification form: en fr de
  • Financial identification form: enfrde

Supplementary information

  • Grant agreement models:

    Please note that the standard grant agreements/decisions of the Agency are currently under revision due to the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application as from 01 January 2013. For this reason some of them are not annexed to the call. However, please note that the other documents available to you are already in line with the new provisions and provide you with all the necessary information to prepare your application
  • Ceilings: Table of daily subsistence Pdf en


For any queries, please contact: eacea-p6@ec.europa.eu

Mailing address

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Unit P6
Call for Proposals EACEA/26/12– Action 4.1
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 04/29)
B-1140 Brussels

Supporting documents

The award of European Union grants is governed by the rules and procedures laid down in:

  • Council Regulation (EC, Euratom), No 1605/2002 of 25 June 2002 on the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union (OJ L 248 of 16.9.2002, p.1) as amended subsequently.

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