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Action 2 - How to submit an application 2011

Reference document

Please consult the 2011 Programme guide.

Modification versus 2010

  • Number of participants : Between 1-30 volunteers
  • EVS Training and Evaluation Cycle: On-arrival is compulsory, mid-term evaluation if service is lasting more than 6 months. However, pre-departure is the responsibility of the sending or coordinating organisation. Final evaluation is replaced by an annual EVS event organised by the National Agency in the sending country.
  • A promoter applying to the Executive Agency must have been legally registered for at least one year on the date of the deadline of submission of their application.
  • No more than one project can be submitted by the same applicant under each sub-Action per round.


All applicants are required to submit their application on-line

Paper Forms

On-line and paper forms for 2012 will be available shortly


Applications must be submitted no later than the deadline for submission as specified in the calendar 2007 – 2013

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