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Application forms for permanent call for proposals 2009

Programme Guide

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Note: This new version of the Programme Guide is valid as of 1 January 2009.

Application forms

Action 1 - Youth for Europe

Action 1.1 - Youth Exchanges - Application form EN
Action 1.3 - Youth Democracy Projects - Application form EN
Action 1 - Multi-Measure Projects - Application form EN
Action 1 - Multi-Measure Projects - Annex - Youth Exchanges EN
Action 1 - Multi-Measure Projects - Annex - Youth democracy project EN

Action 2 - European Voluntary Service

Action 2 - European Voluntary Service - Application form
Action 2 - European Voluntary Service - Expression of interest

Action 3 - Youth in the World

Action 3.1 - Cooperation with the neighbouring countries of the European Union
Youth Exchanges - Application form
Training and Networking - Application form

Action 4 - Youth support systems

Action 4.3 - Training and networking - Application form
Action 4.3 - Multi-Measure Projects - Application form
Action 4.3 - Multi-Measure Projects - Annex - Activities 1-7
Action 4.3 - Multi-Measure Projects - Annex - Activity 8 Networking

Action 5 - Support for European cooperation in the youth field

Action 5.1 Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy

NB: Application Forms 2008 (not anymore valid) are available on this page.

NB: Application Forms 2007 (not anymore valid) are available on this page.

Additional mandatory forms (please download from the following web sites):

The Executive Agency can propose an agreement only on the basis of acceptance of documents which make it possible to define the beneficiary’s financial identification and legal personality.

The applicant must accordingly submit these forms duly signed by the person empowered to enter into a legal commitment on behalf of the applicant.

Please note that there are specific Legal Entities forms according to legal status of the applicant – (individuals/ private companies / public entities). Please use the appropriate form.

Specifications applicable to grant requests > 25.000 EUR
In accordance with the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Communities (*) , all applicant organisations - with the exception of public bodies - to community funding exceeding 25.000 EUR (**) must submit, together with their application form, the following financial documents:

  • the profit and loss accounts of the applicant organisation,


  • the balance sheet for the last financial year for which the accounts have been closed.

The objective is to permit an assessment of the financial capacity of the applicant organisations.

Please note there is no specific form to submit the information outlined above .

If, on the basis of the documents submitted, it will be concluded that the required financial capacity has not been proved or is not satisfactory, the Executive Agency may:

  • reject the application
  • ask for further information
  • require a bank guarantee (***)
  • offer a grant agreement without prefinancing.

Should you have any queries on the above, please refer to the Executive Agency.


(*) Council Regulation No 1605/2002 (OJ L248 of 16/09/2002 ) and Commission Regulation No 2342/2002 (OJ L357 of 31/12/2002 ). These can be consulted in the Official Journal online at : http://eur-lex.europa.euen/oj/i ndex- list.html

(**) Except natural persons and public bodies

(***) The Executive Agency may require any organisation which has been awarded a grant under the conditions above to provide a bank guarantee in order to limit the risks linked to the prefinancing payment. This financial guarantee, in euro, must be provided by a bank or financial institution established in the participating countries to the YOUTH programme.

The financial guarantee will be returned once the prefinancing payment is offset by interim of final payments to the beneficiary, as specified in the grant agreement.

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