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Selections 2008 for Permanent actions: Round 3

This information notice was posted on 16/12/2008

Following the consultation with the Member States and the European Parliament on the list of proposals recommended for Community funding in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme - 2008 - Round 3, the European Commission adopted the list of selected projects on 16/12/2008 (Decision DL/2008/90941). This final list is provided below.

All applicants will be informed by the Executive Agency in writing about the detailed results of the evaluation of their applications. This information, including specific comments based upon the opinion of the independent experts, will be communicated individually to the applicants. At the same time the Agency will invite selected applicants to complete the formalities necessary for the grant awards to be confirmed.

Please note that the amount of the EC Subvention is only indicative and is subject to verification of the information and calculations provided in the project applications. A contractual document confirming the initial requested amount, or indicating a maximum amended grant amount, will be sent to the beneficiaries.

Indicative timetable

Official notification of results sent to applicants: 16/12/2008
Contractualisation of approved projects: launched on 16/12/2008
First projects start: 1/03/2009

PDF List of successful projects

Compendium 2008 - Round 3

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