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Who Can Participate?

Eligible Participants

The programme is open to:

  • Higher education institutions that wish to implement Joint Projects or Structural Measures in consortia composed of institutions from the EU and the Partner Countries.

  • Any organisation who will contribute actively to the objectives of the projects (Joint Projects or Structural Measures). Such organisations may be:
    • Associations, organisations or networks of higher education institutions, national or international rector, teacher or student organisations;
    • Non-governmental organisations;
    • Social Partners or their training organisations;
    • Chambers of commerce, labour associations or other public or private professional organisations;
    • Private or public enterprises;
    • Research institutions.

    Individuals cannot apply directly to the Programme. Individual mobility is not an objective per se of Tempus. Limited and short term mobility of students, academic staff and university administrators may be possible as part of aTempus project, but only as long as it contributes to achievement of the project's objective(s).

  • Public administrations (i.e. Ministries, other national, regional and local administrations) or governmental organisations may participate in the Tempus Programme under conditions defined in the various Calls for Proposal.

Please note that more information on which beneficiaries and participants will be considered eligible  is included in the Tempus Calls for Proposal.

Eligible Countries

Tempus IV is open to higher education institutions and to other organisations active in the field of higher education, provided they are established in the EU Member States or in the Partner Countries.

In addition, institutions from specific countries which are not EU Member States or typical Tempus Partner Countries but whose name is included in each Call for Proposals, may participate in Tempus projects as partners, but only if they finance their participation themselves.

Please note that a full list of the countries which are considered eligible to participate in the Tempus Programme is included in the Calls for Proposal. Regarding the Partner Countries, it notably includes countries from the Western Balkans, the Southern and Eastern neighbouring areas of the EU, the Russian Federation and Central Asian countries. 


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