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Tempus has moved to the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

On 1 April the management of the Tempus programme has been transferred to the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. The Agency is from now on fully responsible of the implementation of the programme according to the mandate given by the Commission.

The new team is currently becoming fully operational knowing that some staff is still under recruitment.

Beneficiaries can find below information about some practical arrangements useful for the running of their projects:

– Tempus Unit Organigramme

At cruising speed the new Tempus Unit – P10 will be composed of 25 people, most of them having already a prior experience of Tempus or having been involved in the management of other Commission's programmes.

The organigramme reflects the geographical regions in which the programme is operating and a country specialisation of the project officers.

The unit will be based on four teams:

  • two teams dealing with the projects and having as well some horizontal responsibilities. One team (coordinated by Philippe Ruffio) will be responsible for the Western Balkans and the Southern Mediterranean countries. The other team (coordinated by Jacques Kemp) will be responsible for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  • a team being responsible for the financial matters (coordinated by Nathalie Hoste)
  • a team devoted to the coordination of the selection process (coordinated by Dorina Angelescu)

- List of country officers, contact persons for the individual projects and Contact details of the project-officers

– Tempus functional mailboxes
Further to the transfer to the Agency two main mail-boxes have been activated. Please use them accordingly.

- EACEA-Tempus-Info@ec.europa.eu: for the communication with the wider audience, including questions from the experts wishing to apply to the call for expression of interest to participate to the evaluation process.
- EACEA-Tempus-Project-Management@ec.europa.eu: for correspondence and exchange of information with beneficiaries (monitoring of ongoing Tempus projects)


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