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Tempus IV – 5th Call for Proposals EACEA 25/2011


This page provides access to all the documentation needed to make an application under the Tempus IV – 5th Call for proposals. At the time of publication, certain documents are still being finalised. These will be posted as soon as they are available.

Selection Results
  • Joint Projects
  • Structural Measures
EACEA 25/2011
23 February 2012 – 12:00 (noon) Brussels time
July 2012

Official Documentation

Tempus IV – 5th Call for proposals
The announcement in all official languages of the EU are published in the Official Journal C321 of 4th November 2011
Word file enfrdebgcsdaetesesitlvlthumtnlplptroskslfisv

Applicants will need to be familiar with this information particularly in the Fifth Call Application Guidelines Word file enfrde

Only the English version of the Application Guidelines is legally binding

The Application Procedure

Please complete your application using the Instructions for Applicants, which is a single document containing instructions for submission, details of the assessment procedure (including Award Criteria and scoring mechanisms) detailed advice on completing the various parts of the application form and budget tables and the tables showing the maximum subsistence rates for travel, and the eForm User Guide as a step by step support.

Instructions for Applicants Word file en fr de

The Application Package consists of the following items:

  • Part 1 Application form (the eForm): Adobe form that is downloaded to your local computer, completed and then submitted electronically

    Download the eForm and the User Guide
    You need to have the Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to able to download and complete the eForm. If you don't have it on your computer, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

    You will also find on this page all technical issues related to the eForm:
    - Test eForm
    - Known Issues
    - Minimum Requirements
    - Further technical assistance

  • Part 2 Declaration of Honour by Legal Representative of Applicant Organisation

    This has to be downloaded, completed and signed. The declaration should then be scanned and attached to the eForm (above). Word file enfrde

  • Part 3 Detailed Workplan and Budget tables

    These are standard Excel tables containing the Gantt charts summarising the work packages as well as details of all planned expenditure and revenues. These tables, once completed are to be attached to the eForm (above). Word file enfrde

  • Part 4 Logical Framework Matrix

    Word fileenfrde

This Application Package (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 as listed above) must be submitted on-line, with parts 2 – 4 being attached to the form itself (Part 1) as instructed in the eForm User Guide. This version, including its annexes is considered to be the master version.

One copy of the administrative and legal documents  5, 6, 7 (and, where required, 8)  indicated belowbearing the project registration number  must be sent by registered mail, by 23 February 2012 (date of postmark date of receipt in case of personal delivery, date of receipt by courier service) to the following address:

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Tempus & Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries
Call for Proposal EACEA/25/2011
Office: BOUR 2/17
Avenue du Bourget 1
B-1140 Brussels

Applicant organisations that do not have the status of a "Public Body"

  • Part 8 Profit and loss accounts (applicant organisation only), together with the balance sheet for the last two financial years for which the accounts have been closed.

Notification of results and contractualisation

All applicants will receive a written notification of the outcome as well as feedback on the evaluation of their application.

Model Grant Agreements

Please find below the models of grant agreement that will be signed following the Call EACEA 25/2011 Word file enfrde

Useful information

Frequently Asked Questions Word file en


This action is managed by the EACEA, unit P10 Unit P10 –TEMPUS & Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries

Applicants may also contact the Tempus Selection team, for further information, at 

Helpdesk and specific information for applicants:

For any technical issues regarding the online submission of the eForm, applicants may contact the external helpdesk at:

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