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Information on Tempus IV projects

The Excel table below provides basic details about projects funded under Tempus IV: project number, project type, project title, list of partners and countries, names and e-mail addresses of contact persons, budget awarded and project summary as provided in the initial application.

Table of projects: icon pdf English update 26/02/2014

When you open the table, you will see a security warning "macros have been disabled". In order to be able to use the table properly, choose the option "enable this content".

You can manipulate the Excel sheet and sort the data using the normal Excel functions.

Please note that, since each row of the table corresponds to one partner, each project appears several times, depending on the number of partners. The partner role is indicated in column F, where APP refers to the applicant (=coordinator) and PAR to partners.

How to use the table

  • To view the list of all projects currently supported under Tempus IV select "APP" from the dropdown in column F ("Partner Role"). From this list you will also be able to see the name of the coordinating institution and the contact person (column I and J).
  • To view the main features of any individual project, notably the partners involved and the summary, select the relevant project number from the dropdown in column B ("Project Number").
  • To access the list of projects in which a specific country is involved (including details of partners from that country), select the country concerned from the dropdown in column E ("Country").
  • To read the summary of a given project, click on the corresponding cell in column L ("Summary of project", in yellow).
  • If you are looking for projects that address a certain subject, you can search on column D ("Project Title") or column L ("Summary"). On the filter of the relevant column, choose "Text filters" and then the option "contains". You can then input a term that you are looking for and the result will show only those projects where the term appears (in the title or the summary, depending on the column that you have chosen).
  • To reset the sheet and return to the full list of projects, click on the Reset button (at the top of the Excel sheet, under the title).


  • When searching for an institution, please note that the same institution name can appear in different versions (spelling, language), depending on how it has been entered in the application form.
  • This project list is extracted once a year from the Tempus internal database and may therefore not always include the most recent changes or modifications.
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