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Funds for the Organisation of Mobility (OM) and the Introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are managed by the National Agencies. The European Commission distributes OM funds to each National Agency, which in turn are responsible for allocating OM grants to the participating higher education institutions.

Therefore, all the mobility parts of the Erasmus action are managed entirely by the National Agencies: that is  Student mobility (SM), Teaching Staff mobility (TS) and OM grants, along with funding for the introduction of ECTS.

Application procedures for institutions

For higher education institutions there is a two-step application process:

1.      An application to the European Commission for the Erasmus University Charter (EUC). The award of an EUC will entitle universities to apply for OM, SM TS and ECTS funding from their National Agency.

2.      An application to the National Agency for OM, SM, TS and ECTS funding.

Allocation of OM grants

The allocation of OM funds by the European Commission to the National Agencies of the 18 EU/EEA countries is based on past performance in student and teacher mobility. The OM funds of the Associated countries is determined as part of their annual budget negotiation process.

The National Agencies in all participating countries allocate OM grants to universities on the basis of past performance in student and teacher mobility.

OM Activities 

The Diploma Supplement (DS) and the implementation of ECTS are among the activities eligible under OM. In practice, this implies that universities can decide what proportion of their OM funds they would like to use for implementation of ECTS and/or DS (if any). 

For further information on eligible activities please contact your National Agency PDF file - 517,65 kb

Introduction of ECTS 

Institutions that have never received an ECTS Introduction Grant can apply to their National Agency for this type of grant. 

More information is available on the ECTS support mechanisms