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Main questions

The European Policy Statement (EPS) is central to the application for the Erasmus University Charter. It should address the following three main questions:

  1. What is the current situation of your university's international co-operation in the context of current national, international and European developments?

  2. Given the strengths and weaknesses of your university's present situation, define your university's aims and priorities for 2004/2005 - 2006/2007 with a special focus on promoting activities within the SOCRATES programme. Briefly describe how the EPS has been developed and how it will be implemented in your institution.

  3. How will your institution ensure high quality in both student and staff mobility and within Erasmus co-operation projects?

Points for discussion

The following list of points could be discussed when addressing the above questions:

  • The role of international and European co-operation in your institution's strategic development plan, e.g. innovation and development of the institution's teaching and research areas;

  • Future development plans in European and international co-operation (in mobility, curriculum development, networks, etc.);

  • How your plans relate to results achieved so far in European co-operation;

  • Quality control and evaluation of participation in European programmes;

  • Internationalisation of administrative staff, teachers and students;

  • Measures to assure the full recognition of study periods;

  • Measures to encourage the participation of academic staff in teaching staff assignments and transnational co-operation projects;

  • Extension of the use of foreign languages in teaching and research;

  • Policies to combat gender inequality, racism and xenophobia, and the exclusion of socially disadvantaged groups;

  • Policies for the implementation of the Bologna process;

  • The management of the EPS process and the implementation of the EPS within the institution (e.g. role of the leadership).