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Following the introduction of the Erasmus University Charter the framework for CD projects has been revised.

'New' CD projects 

Higher selectivity and increased project funding

It is intended that a smaller number of projects will be funded per year with funding up to around 50.000 per year per project (depending on the type of project, its duration, budget request and the funds available).

The selection policy takes the annual priorities into consideration, as defined in the annual call for proposals. The Call for 2004 was published in July 2003.

Multi-annual funding

Provided sufficient scope exists within the programme budget, multi-annual funding for a maximum funding period of two years (MOD projects) and three years (PROG projects) will be awarded. 

Applicants are therefore requested to submit a budget proposal for the whole period of the project.

Issues to note

         Projects need to include a detailed project description and budget calculation;

         Staff costs are eligible for funding;

         Funding is based on the budget proposed (funding up to 75 % of the approved budget);

         There is one contract per approved project.

DISS (dissemination and implementation)

DISS, which was previously a separate sub-action, is an integral part of CD projects. Dissemination measures (marketing plans) and concrete course implementation plans should be included in CD applications and constitute a pre-condition for funding. In addition, applicants should provide information on course accreditation at the application stage.

Linking the EPS and the CD project application

In order to safeguard the institutional approach as required by the SOCRATES decision, and also to underline the link between the Erasmus University Charter  and CD projects, the EPS is used to set the context for any planned CD activities. In addition, the CD project application contains a specific question referring to the contribution of the proposed project to the policy expressed in the EPS.

Intensive Programmes (IP)

From the academic year 2003/2004, both new and renewed Intensive programmes have a contract which considers them as mobility-based projects. Please note, IPs need to be renewed on an annual basis.