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Grundtvig - Socrates Action 3 (Adult Education and other educational pathways)

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- News

- Objectives

Grundtvig seeks to improve the quality and European dimension of adult education in the broadest sense, and to help make lifelong learning opportunities more widely available to Europe’s citizens.

- Who's eligible?

Grundtvig is open to any organisation working in the field of adult learning within the formal (schools, universities, adult education establishments) or the non-formal (associations, libraries, museums, parents’ organisations) sector or providing informal education.

- Grundtvig Activities

Grundtvig is divided into four sub-actions:

Grundtvig 1:  European co-operation projects
Grundtvig 2:  Learning partnerships
Grundtvig 3:  Individual training grants for adult education staff
Grundtvig 4:  Grundtvig networks  

Grundtvig 1: European co-operation projects 

These projects relate to adult education institutions and organisations from at least three participating countries including at least 1 EU Member State, which wish to undertake a tangible project or a joint production through European cooperation. Examples of such projects are the development of systems for accrediting or validating skills acquired through non-formal system of education or developing new training modules and new teaching methods. The financial support is for a maximum of 3 years. 

Grundtvig 2:  Learning partnerships

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership is a framework for small-scale cooperation activities between organisations from at least three participating countries including at least 1 EU Member State, working in the field of adult education, with an aim to broaden the participation of smaller organisations that want to include European cooperation in their education activities. The financial support is for a maximum of 3 years. 

Grundtvig 3:  Individual training grants for adult education staff

These grants enable people working in adult education institutions or engaged in the training of such persons to undertake training course of one to four weeks in a country other than that in which the participant normally works. 

Grundtvig 4:  Grundtvig networks  

The Grundtvig networks offer actors involved in adult education from at least 10 different countries participating in Socrates including at least 1 EU Member State a stable basis for discussion, and permit the broad dissemination of innovative practices and ideas in this context. The financial support is for a maximum of 3 years. 

Two types networks are supported: 

  • Thematic networks – large-scale networks providing a forum or common platform for discussion and exchange of information on key issues, policy shaping and / or research in the area of adult learning. 
  • Project networks – smaller-scale networks covering a wider variety of topics and providing a basis for continuing contacts between institutions that have participated in the projects, thereby contributing to the further dissemination of project results.


- How to apply?

Applications under Grundtvig 2 and Grundtvig 3 must be submitted to the National Agency in the applicant’s country.

Applications under Grundtvig 1 and Grundtvig 4 must be made to the Executive Agency.

- How to contact us

Postal address:

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Unit P1 - Grundtvig - BOUR 2/34
Avenue du Bourget 1
BE-1140 Brussels

For the agencies physical adress, please see our contact page.

Telephone & Email:

Ramunas Kuncaitis: 0032 - 2 - 29 50795

- Further Information

  • Socrates projects database - Grundtvig action
  • Socrates Partner Search
  • The Grundtvig Virtual Community : an interactive platform for Grundtvig participants. This initiative has been launched by « New TELS », one of the Grundtvig Networks, in order to facilitate and expand the opportunities for interaction, networking and collaboration between Grundtvig projects and actors. GVC platform is open to all organisations or individuals who are either involved or interested in Grundtvig projects.


- Information on previous projects

Several sources of information on past projects are available concerning this Action.

  • The Compendium is a serie of documents containing a description of all the projects by selection round.  It includes a brief summary of the activities and the contact details of the participants. 
  • The  ISOC database (Socrates project database) is an interactive database containing all the projects selected in the past.  It is updated by the project coordinators directly.


Grundtvig Projects Kick-Off Meeting