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SOCRATES Programme: Call for Proposals on Dissemination Activities, Results of Centralised Projects or Networks (SOC I and II) 

In April 2002, the European Commission organised a Call for Proposals on dissemination activities as part of a comprehensive strategy for the dissemination of the results of Socrates projects. The deadline for submitting applications was 1 October 2002. Please note that no applications submitted after that date can be accepted. 


A dissemination project submitted under this Call for Proposals is designed to be based on the results of projects carried out previously within the framework of the Socrates programme. This Call has placed a particular emphasis on Dissemination Activities which go beyond the confines of any other action of the programme. For this reason, this Call has been designed to: 
  • complement the dissemination activities which each specific project is expected to undertake; 
  • complement the dissemination-related initiatives that have been taken over the years by certain specific actions in the programme; 
  • contribute to the further development of dissemination strategies and methods that are relevant for Socrates-type activities; 
  • help develop more effective links and synergies between the projects supported by the programme; 
  • open up new dissemination channels and demonstrate innovative, creative and imaginative dissemination approaches which will, in the medium term, help improve the dissemination efforts undertaken by future projects under all actions of the Socrates programme.


Any type of organisation that can demonstrate that it has the necessary capacity to carry out useful dissemination activities has been invited to apply for support (organisations involved in Socrates projects, local and regional authorities, national authorities, associations active in the educational field, social partners, NGOs, etc.).


The dissemination activities supported through this Call are designed to:
  • identify good quality results of particular Socrates projects;
  • ensure that a broader public will be made familiar with the results to be disseminated; 
  • define the particular target groups likely to be able to benefit from the results of the dissemination projects; 
  • set the results of Socrates projects in a larger framework and relate them, if possible, to the results of other projects supported at regional, national or European level by other programmes.

Further Information

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