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In 2001, the European Commission launched the first Accompanying Measures selection in the framework of the Socrates General Call for Proposals DG EAC 29/01. The purpose of Accompanying Measures is to support various activities, which though not eligible under the main Socrates actions, clearly contribute to achieving the Socrates programme's objectives.


The following types of activity are likely to be typical of projects under this part of SOCRATES. However, this list is indicative, and projects envisaging other activities but which nonetheless fulfil the criteria mentioned below will also be considered: 
  • organisation of conferences and seminars concerning European cooperation in the field of education; 
  • awareness-raising activities, such as targeted promotional and information campaigns, competitions etc.; 
  • setting up and consolidating bodies such as associations, in particular as a means for the dissemination and exchange of information and experiences about innovatory initiatives in education; 
  • developing, publishing and in particular disseminating products and processes resulting from cooperation (documents, publications, teaching modules, videos, CD-ROMs, innovatory methodologies, organisational measures in institutions, educational strategies etc.). Dissemination via networks of bodies involving 'players' in the field with a potential for relaying such information, will be given particular encouragement; 
  • teaching materials concerning European educational themes; 
  • organisation of training activities for persons responsible at their respective institutions for European cooperation in the education field; 
  • publications relating to European educational cooperation, including the analysis of  internationalisation strategies for education, programme implementation and obstacles; 
  • action-research in the field of education. 
The following activities, in particular, may not be covered by the funding awarded: 
  • activities eligible under another part of SOCRATES; 
  • research activities.

Who is eligible?

Any type of organisation eligible to participate in the framework of SOCRATES, as a whole, may participate in the projects under the Accompanying Measures (educational institutions, associations working in the field of education, training and youth; research centres with expertise in analysing education; companies and consortia; professional bodies, etc.).

The Accompanying Measures are open to participation from:

  • the European Union Member States:  Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Lithuania;
  • the EFTA-EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway;
  • the Candidate Countries: Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey


How to apply?

Applications under Accompanying Measures must be submitted to the Executive Agency, by the closing date indicated in the Annual SOCRATES General Call for Proposals.

One of the institutions or organisations participating in the project must act as the coordinator (“coordinating institution”). The coordinating institution takes the lead in preparing the outline of the project with partners, taking responsibility for submitting the project application, ensuring the smooth administration of the project, accounting for the spending of the Community grant and reporting on the project’s outcomes. 

The selection procedures 

Accompanying Measures are a centralised Action within the SOCRATES programme. This means that the selection of projects and their management are undertaken by the Commission (Directorate General for Education and Culture) with the support of the Socrates, Leonardo and Youth Technical Assistance Office. 

In order to be eligible to the Accompanying Measures’ grant, a project must be ineligible for the other grants offered by the Socrates programme. 

The eligibility criteria 

The first step in the assessment and the selection process is to check the applicant’s compliance with the eligibility criteria. Failure to comply with these will result in exclusion of the application from the selection process. 

Accompanying Measures project applications must: 
  • be submitted by an eligible organisation; 
  • be submitted by the closing date specified in the Call for Proposals;  
  • include partners from at least three different countries participating in the SOCRATES Programme (including at least one EU member state);  
  • meet all the other formal and functional requirements described in the Call for Proposals.

Further Information

If you have a specific question you can contact the Executive Agency by e-mail