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Welcome to eFocus Education!
This special "eFocus Education" supplement, prepared by the Executive Agency (EACEA), takes a closer look at EU projects in the field of education and training. Complementing DG Education and Culture's e-newsletter, it illustrates how EU policies are brought to life through transnational projects funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).

Supporting learning and training opportunities from childhood to old age, Europe is delivering benefits to people throughout the Member States and beyond.

Whether you are a newcomer to EU-funded projects, an experienced project participant or are simply interested in European Education, we hope you will be inspired by the results, experiences and successes from the field.

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Europe delivers
Entrepreneurship Education: meeting social and economic challenges in Europe
Today's challenging economic climate and rapidly changing workplace call for long term solutions in our approach to work and in our ability to adapt to ever evolving technologies. Lifelong learning, innovation and entrepreneurship are key to meeting these challenges and optimising the benefits from the opportunities they present. The concept of lifelong learning is at the heart of EU policies and actions in the field of education and training. Entrepreneurship has been identified as a key objective in this context. In its Education and Training 2020 agenda, the European commission includes entrepreneurship as one of four long-term strategic objectives.
The direct impact of these strategies can be seen in several projects funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).
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Get inspired!
Communicating in a multicultural environment
Working in a multi cultural environment on a European project is a rich experience bringing with it its own challenges and rewards. Project partners often have different ways of working, type of administration, budgetary practices and expectations. Communication differs from country to country. This can affect not only the channels of communication, and expectations, but also how what we say is perceived. How can projects make the most of different approaches while overcoming the challenges?

Two project coordinators share their experiences and ideas on communicating effectively with project partners from abroad.
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EU programme management backstage
Interview with Lars Jakobsen (Head of Eurydice and Policy Support unit, EACEA)
Eurydice supports policy making in the field of education. Could you briefly tell us what Eurydice is and what it does?
Eurydice was set up by the European Commission in 1980 as an Education Information Network in Europe. The network has 38 national units, established by education ministries, from 34 European countries. The main role of the Network is to provide those responsible for education systems and policies in Europe with up-to-date and reliable European-level analyses and information to support them in their decision making. This information is also of great interest to the wider education community in Europe.
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Spotlight on the Lifelong Learning Programme
Eurypedia and EU2020
Eurypedia, Eurydice's new European Encyclopaedia on national education systems, has been improved to better support the Europe 2020 and Education and Training strategies.
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LLP general call for proposals 2013
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LLP Infoday, 12 November 2012
Save the date! Find out more about current funding opportunities in the field of Lifelong Learning at the LLP Infoday which will take place on 12 November 2012.
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ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels Award Ceremony, 8 May 2012
72 higher education institutions from LLP countries have been awarded special European quality labels for their efforts to make it easier for students to study in another country.
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EDEN annual conference, 6-9 June 2012
This year's EDEN annual conference, examined the theme "Open learning generations: closing the gap from generation Y to mature lifelong learners".
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