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Comenius reports, including eTwinning

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Multilateral projects 2012

Progress reports

pdf file Building Rapport to prevent early school leaving

pdf file Collaborative Art-Making for Reducing Marginalisation

pdf file European Assessment Protocol for Children’s SEL skills

pdf file Financial Education – Levering the Implementation Efficiency in Schools

pdf file Forum theatre against early school leaving

pdf file Green Hero

pdf file ICT-Go-Girls! Promoting Entrepreneurship among Secondary School Girls through ICT

pdf file Identifying the logic structure of languages by use of new interactive mobile services, new diagnostic training methods for development of key competencies, and new evaluation methods introducing assessment for learning practices

pdf file IGUANA - Improving School Governance using an Action Learning Approach

pdf file Learning Mathematics through new communication factors

pdf file Learn to Teach by Social Web

pdf file Multiculturalism, Migration, Mathematics Education and Language

pdf file Philosophical Enquiry Advancing Cosmopolitan Engagement

pdf file PREATY: PRoposing modern E-Assessment approaches and Tools to Young and experienced in-service teachers

pdf file PositivitiES: Applied Positive Psychology for the European Schools

pdf file Preparing Science Educators for Everyday Science

pdf file PUMO-Educational Support for PUpils on the MOve

pdf file School Education for Roma integration

pdf file Science Fiction in Education

pdf file STrategies and systems Against YOuNg peoples' drop-out from upper secondary vocational education

pdf file Take 2 in Europe

pdf file The Inventors

pdf file The European scientific research game

pdf file TRANSversal key competences for lifelong learning: TraIning teachers in competence based education

pdf file Widening the future - Improving guidance interventions at school

pdf file Quality for Innovation in European Schools

pdf file Supporting student teachers’ action-oriented knowledge construction

pdf file INTACT – Interactive teaching materials across culture and technology

pdf file PAEDEIA- Pedagogical Action for a European Dimension in Educators’ Induction Approaches

Multilateral projects 2011

Progress Reports

pdf file Against Racial Bullying and Xenophobia Project

pdf file Clockwork objects, enhanced learning: Automata Toys Construction in 1mary education for Learning to Learn promotion, creativity fostering & Key Competences acquisition

pdf file CORE - CLIL Objectives and ResourceKit in Education

pdf file Creative Connection

pdf file EDGE: EDucation & Gender

pdf file Elos-Quality review & recognition at policy level

pdf file Implementierung von Praxiskontakten in Unternehmen für Lehrkräfte und Schüler aus Deutschland, Polen und der Niederlande

pdf file Kooperative Lehr- und Lernmethoden in der Lehreraus- und weiterbildung

pdf file PopuLLar – Motivating secondary school students to learn languages with relevant media

pdf file Responding to diversity by engaging with students’ voices: a strategy for teacher development

pdf file SignLanguage@School

pdf file Spatial Citizenship

pdf file StartUp_EU_Be a High Tech Entrepreneur

pdf file Storytelling @ Teaching Model – A Contribution to the Professional Development of Science Teachers

pdf file Taccle 2

pdf file The acquisition of science competencies through ICT real time experiment

Final Reports

pdf file Art in Education – A new approach to education using the arts

pdf file Block Magic

pdf file Coaching Methodology for Teachers in Secondary Schools

pdf file CPD Lab

pdf file Creative Industry Primary Schools

pdf file Dyslexia for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

pdf file Early Change: Promoting the Professional Development of Early Childhood Educators

pdf file European Citizenship Learning In a Programme for Secondary Education (ECLIPSE)

pdf file Fly High – the principles of aviation as an opportunity to make physical theory accessible

pdf file GENIUS - Plagiarism or Creativity Teaching innovation versus stealing

pdf file Happy Days - Developing A Mental Health Policy Tool-Kit for Schools

pdf file LABlearning

pdf file Lifelong Readers: A European Reading Promotion Framework for Primary School Librarians, Educators, and Administrators

pdf file Portfolio Of Integration

pdf file PS CLUB - Prosociality Sport Club: Prosociality for Integration and Multiculturalism

pdf file RIGHTS - pRomotIng Global citizensHip education Through digital Storytelling

pdf file SignLanguage @ School

pdf file Stimulating science and technology competences through innovative means for teaching and learning

pdf file Teaching mAths through innovative Learning approach and conTEnts

pdf file Teacher Learning for European Literacy Education

pdf file The Corporate Volunteering as a bridge between the world of work and schools; training for schools leaders, teachers and other school personnel

pdf file Training teachers in developing consumer awareness among children

pdf file Clockwork objects, enhanced learning: Automata Toys Construction in 1mary education for Learning to Learn promotion, creativity fostering & Key Competences acquisition

pdf file Creative Industry Primary Schools

pdf file Sustaining Development in Early School Education

Multilateral projects 2010

Progress Reports

pdf file STENCIL: Science Teaching European Network  for Creativity and Innovation in Learning

pdf file Teaching Geosciences in secondary Schools

pdf file Towards Opportunities for Disadvantaged and Diverse Learners on the Early-childhood Road

Final Reports

pdf file A Science-Based Tool for Training Fluency in Literacy for Teachers and Learners

pdf file Basic Curriculum for Teachers' Professional Development on Content Area Literacy in Secondary Schools

pdf file Climate-Friendly Management in European Schools

pdf file Civico Fostering Civic Competence Amongst Students

pdf file Developing an In-service Training for Inclusive Classroom Practices

pdf file Developing citizens - Paths to core competencies through a problem-based learning project in civic education

pdf file Digital Chilren's Folksongs for Language and Cultural Learning

pdf file Dynamical and creative Mathematics using ICT

pdf file EU HOU – Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way

pdf file European Literacy and Citizenship Education

pdf file European Financial Education Partnership

pdf file European Mobility Folktales

pdf file Integrating CALL in Early Education Environments

pdf file International Co-ordinator Training for Schools

pdf file LD-skills: Development of learning design skills for enhancing students' key competencies

pdf file Learning to Learn and to Love it. Helping teachers in building WINGS for Lifelong Learning for their students

pdf file Lessons from Nature

pdf file Multiliteracy virtual

pdf file Netzwerk zur Entwicklung und Verbreitung eines europäischen - EuroBacDiploma

pdf file Online Resources for Special Education Needs

pdf file Positive Behavior Support Europe

pdf file School governance to build a learning community

pdf file Sharing European Memories at School

pdf file Social Skills Trainer – New Qualification for European Teachers

pdf file Social Mindedness In Learning communitY

pdf file Teaching Programming towards the Development of Early Analytical Structural and Critical Minds

pdf file The Virtual Anti-Bullying-Village for Kids

pdf file Tiny Signers

pdf file Training teachers to make READing fun through digital storytelling

pdf file UniSchooLabS: remote access for schools to university science labs

pdf file Using Data for Improving School and Student Performance

Multilateral projects 2009

Final reports

pdf file Added Value of teAching in a virTuAl world

pdf file An INTegral Teacher Training for developing digital and communicative competences and subject content learning at schools

pdf file AQUEDUCT: Acquiring key competences through heritage education

pdf file Awareness of big ideas in mathematics classrooms

pdf file Common problem solving strategies as links between mathematics and science

pdf file Developing Competence-Orientated Teaching on Historical Memories

pdf file Embedding a Culture of Enterprise and Creativity in the Curriculum

pdf file English Language Learning Programme for Visually Impaired Students

pdf file Environmental Sustainability Training for Children through On-line Simulation, Exploration, and Collaboration

pdf file European CLIL Resources Centre for Web 2.0 Education: Early-to-Longlife Languages Learning

pdf file European Music Portfolio

pdf file European Task-based Activities for Language Learning; a good practice exchange

pdf file European Values Education

pdf file Exploring European History and Heritage: Helping educators in secondary schools to teach about European History and heritage from multiple perspective

pdf file English Language Learning Programme for Visually Impaired Students

pdf file Environmental Sustainability Training for Children through On-line Simulation, Exploration, and Collaboration

pdf file European Picture Book Collection II

pdf file Friendly Resources for Playful Speech Therapy

pdf file Literary Framework for Teachers in Secondary Education

pdf file Migrants and Refugees - A Challenge for Learning in European Schools

pdf file Mind the Gap, bridging the learning gap between schools and society

pdf file Motivation to Study

pdf file Multicultural Interdisciplinary Handbook: tools for learning history and geography in multicultural perspective

pdf file Multilingual Early Language Transmission

pdf file Perception, Attitude, Movement – Identity Needs Action

pdf file Positive Behavior Support Europe

pdf file Transitions and multilingualism

pdf file Programming Skills Development in Secondary Education by means of Modern Educational Programming Languages

pdf file Promoting Social Skills amongst Students

pdf file Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social InclusiOn

pdf file Science Pedagogy Innovation Centre for Europe

pdf file Serious Learning Games

pdf file Street Artists in a Virtual Space

pdf file Student Assessment to Improve Learning

pdf file Te@ch us Learning community for Web 2.0 teaching

pdf file Teamwork, Training and Technology for development of Key Competencies

pdf file The European Children’s Travelling Language Library

pdf file The Learning & Teaching of Children's Literature in Europe

pdf file Transitions and multilingualism

pdf file understandinG dyslexiA phenomena beTween prE-primary and primary school

pdf file Web based PBL training to improve headmasters skills and promote an “innovative school”

pdf file Yourvid Save Energy

Multilateral projects 2008

Final Reports

PDF Active Citizens for Freshwater Ecosystems

PDF Biodiversity Education and Awareness to Grow a Living Environment

PDF Bringing Mathematics to Earth

PDF Case Forest - pedagogic towards sustainable development

PDF Competences of Professional Educators in Europe

PDF Contextual Learning in Management and Teaching

PDF Developing Educational leadership of Primary Heads and Institutions

PDF Digital video streaming and multilingualism

PDF Drama improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education

PDF Dynamic Assessment of Functioning and Coaching of Children Oriented at Development & Inclusive Learning

PDF Early Language Intercultural Acquisition Studies

PDF Early Years Transition Programme

PDF EduComics: Using Web Comics in Education

PDF European CLil in Development: A Primary Phase Consortium

PDF European Leader's Training in Education

PDF European Network on Exchange Early Detection Drug-consumption

PDF Expérimentation du Management Interculturel et Environnemental dans les Etablissements scolaires

PDF Fostering ICT Usages in pedagogical Practices

PDF Hands-On Universe teacher training and support program

PDF ICT competencies and pedagogical application skills for teachers

PDF Images and Identity: Improving Citizenship Education through Digital Art

PDF imago2010: Bildkompetenz und Literalität im Grundschul- und Vorschulalter

PDF Innovations in Mathematics Education on European Level

PDF Integrating GIS in Education in Several Subjects

PDF Intercompetency and dialogue through literature

PDF Intercultural communication in Europe

PDF Kick Racism out of Sport, Schools and Society

PDF Kunstprojekte fördern benachteiligte SchülerInnen

PDF Motivation via Natural Differentiation in Mathematics

PDF Natur und Technik in frühen Bildungsprozessen

PDF On-Air: Effective use of Media for School Education

PDF Peer Related Education Supporting Tools

PDF PROject-Based SCHOOL Management

PDF Promoting Equality in Digital Literacy

PDF Routes: Analysis of 20th Century European Migration

PDF Schule im Wandel

PDF Sound Identifying Learners' Values in Europe

PDF Science Education As a Tool for Active Citizenship

PDF Sign, Meaning & Identification: (deaf) Learners in Europe

PDF Teaching Learning to Learn. Virtual Trainer

PDF The effective use of computer aided teaching and learning materials in science teaching

PDF Towards Teacher Competence on Metadata and online Resources

PDF Train Teachers for Mainstream Literacy Education

Multilateral projects 2007

Final reports

pdf file A comparative analysis of folk tales: a multicultural perspective

PDF Active Literacy: Competence and Understanding, Internally Naturalized - from decoding to understanding

pdf file ARGuing for multilingual motivation in Web 2.0

pdf file Bridging Insula Europae

pdf file Broad Sweeps of Imagination: A new method to teach a language

pdf file Career Counsellors' Interactive Training

pdf file Continuing Intercultural Professional Development in Europe

pdf file Docente Europeo: move'in Science²

pdf file e-based Content and language integrated learning training

pdf file Enhancing the Use of Cooperative Learning to Increase Development of Science studies

pdf file Entwicklung eines Europäischen Weiterbildungsprogramms für begabungsfördernde Lehrkräfte

pdf file European Modules and Mobility in Agricultural education

pdf file Focus on Awareness of Culture and Education for International Teachers

pdf file HOListic Approach to Language learning for kids

pdf file Induction and Guidance of Newly Appointed Teachers in European Schools

pdf file Innovative Pedagogy in Research and Education

pdf file Inspire School Education by Non-formal Learning

PDF Intercultural Education through Museums

pdf file Involve Parents - Improve School

PDF Lire, une recherche active de sens

pdf file Michelangelo: Unlocking European Fine Art

pdf file Motivating pupils, linking teachers through active learning with Multi-Users Virtual Environments

pdf file No child left behind

pdf file Primary and secondary Continuity in foreign language teaching

pdf file Regards croisés sur la première guerre mondiale

pdf file School on borders

pdf file School inclusion

pdf file Shared Practice in Teacher Education

pdf file Sites d'Accompagnement pour les Enseignants de langues

pdf file Teacher In-Service Training for Roma Inclusion

PDF Teachers Intercultural Competences as Keystone to Learning in Europe

pdf file Teacher's Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments

pdf file Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Pedagogy

pdf file TIPP- teachers in practice and process

pdf file Virtuell vernetzte Sprachwerkstätten an europäischen Schulen - Ein Fortbildungskonzept für Spracherwerb, Mehrsprachigkeit und kreatives Lernen

Select a year:

Select a year

eTwinning 2010

Final reports

pdf  Executive summary of eTwinning Central Support Service (European Schoolnet)

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Austria

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Belgium (German)

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Belgium (French)

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Belgium (Flemish)

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Bulgaria

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Cyprus

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Czech Republic

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Denmark

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Estonia

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Finland

PDF eTwinning National Support Service France

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Germany

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Greece

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Hungary

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Iceland

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Ireland

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Italy

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Latvia

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Lithuania

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Luxembourg

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Malta

pdf eTwinning National Support Service The Netherlands

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Norway

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Poland

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Portugal

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Romania

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Slovakia

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Slovenia

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Spain

pdf eTwinning National Support Service Sweden

PDF eTwinning National Support Service Turkey

PDF eTwinning National Support Service United Kingdom
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