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LLP Call for Proposals 2013

Call EAC/S07/12 (2012/C 232/04)

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Call for Proposals: Multilateral Projects, Networks, Accompanying Measures under the Sub-Programmes and Transversal Programme (Key Activities)

On this page:

The 2013 General Call for Proposals has been published by the Commission: please find all core documentation in the DG EAC website.


Reference & application

Deadline and results

Selection status

Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci
Multilateral Projects*, Networks, Accompanying Measures


(2012/C 232/04)


12:00 noon (CET)

Results due July 2013
Application closed
Transversal Programme:
KA1 (Policy Co-operation and Innovation), KA2 (Languages), KA3 (ICT), KA4 (Dissemination and exploitation of results )
Multilateral Projects, Networks, Accompanying Measures

12:00 noon (CET)

Results due July 2013

Application closed

* For Leonardo da Vinci: only Multilateral projects for Development of innovation.

Information updates

Information updates - Published 13/06/2013

Models of Grant Agreement, Mandate Letter and letter of intent
The draft agreements and the mandate letters have been reviewed in 2013 to be in line with the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application which entered into force on January 1st 2013. The new model of the multi-beneficiary grant agreement can be viewed below under the section on “Payment and reporting arrangements”. The new models of mandate letter and letter of intent, are possible to download below in the section “Notification of results and contractualisation”.


Information updates - Published 29/05/2013

DG Education and Culture has informed the EACEA that Montenegro has signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 24 May 2013 for its participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme. Please visit the website of DG EAC for further details: http://ec.europa.eu/education/news/20130528b_en.htm

This means that the formal steps have been completed for Montenegro's participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme. Consequently, organisations in Montenegro are eligible to participate in the relevant centralised actions of the LLP Call 2013, as outlined on page 9 (1.6 New Countries) in the Instructions for completing the Application Form and its attachments and in the Explanations by action. This means that organisations from Montenegro can participate both as applicant and partners.

Albania has confirmed its intention to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme from 2013, and is now in the process of completing the formal steps to become LLP participating country. An update will be published as soon as the Agency receives further news.

Bosnia Herzegovina
The European Commission has been informed that Bosnia Herzegovina will not participate in the Call 2013 as LLP Participating country. Please visit the website of DG EAC for further details: http://ec.europa.eu/education/news/20130528b_en.htm

For applications that have been submitted involving Bosnia Herzegovina, this means that organisations from this country are not eligible to participate as full partners in any approved projects. When the selection is finalised, Agency staff will contact the Coordinator of any successful projects that include a partner organisation in Bosnia Herzegovina to discuss the options available to continue the collaboration under the provisions for Third Country partners. Unfortunately, as a result, any applications that have an applicant organisation from Bosnia Herzegovina or that includes the minimum number of eligible countries, including Bosnia Herzegovina, will not be able to be financed.


Information updates - Published 6/11/2012

Exclusive priorities

The LLP Call for Proposals defines, priorities that the applicants must address to be eligible for EU funding for most of the LLP centralised actions. The aim is to achieve where possible a selection that is balanced in terms of these priorities. The Agency has published below the Guidelines that are used to assist Evaluation Committees to achieve a balanced coverage of priorities. You will also find a statistical overview of the priorities that have already been addressed in selected applications.

New documents for Key Activity 1 – Policy Cooperation & Innovation – Networks

This is only relevant for applicants who want to include designated partners in their consortium. You need to use the below template to formalise the designation by a ministry.  Please note:

Model Designation Letter: Word en 6/11/2012



This page provides access to all the documentation needed to make an application under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) actions listed above. Applicants who would like to be notified of updates to the documentation for this Call should register for News feeds (RSS) at the foot of this page.

Innovations 2013

New countries

Participation of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia have completed the formalities to confirm their status as participating countries of the Lifelong Learning Programme.  This means that organisations in these countries are fully eligible to participate both as partners and as applicants in the relevant centralised actions of the 2013 call for proposals. 

Participation of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

The Call for proposals states that Albania,  Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro may become eligible to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme Call 2013 as full partners, provided that the formal steps for participation for each country are completed in due time.

However, if the formalities are not completed before the award decision is taken, partner organisations in successful applications from these countries can only continue to participate under the provisions laid out for Third Country participation.

Applicants are encouraged to involve organisations from these countries in their applications but are advised to ensure that their application includes the minimum number of countries in addition to any of these three countries.

Official documentation

All core documentation has been published by DG EAC and is available from the DG EAC website.
Applicants will need to be familiar with this information particularly in the LLP Guide, which is published in 3 parts. Please use the link above to access the following documents:

  • Official announcement of the Call for Proposals
  • Strategic priorities
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part I – General Provisions
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part IIa – Sub-Programmes and Actions
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part IIb – Explanations by action

Application forms and annexes

Please complete your application using the Instructions for Applicants and the eForm User Guide as a step by step support.

  • Instructions for Applicants:PDF enFrançaisDeutsch
  • Evaluation Committee Guidelines: PDF enFrançaisDeutsch
  • Overview of priorities addressed in successful projects :PDF en

The Application Package

The Application Package consists of the eForm (administrative and general information) and the User Guide: PDF Download the eForm and the User Guide


  1. Detailed description of the project: Word enFrançaisDeutsch
  2. Detailed budget tables and Workplan/Workpackages summary chart: Excel enFrançaisDeutsch
  3. Declaration of Honour by the Legal Representative of the Applicant Organisation:
    • Grant request more than 60.000 €: Word enFrançaisDeutsch
    • Grant request less than or equal 60.000 € :Word en
  4. Download the Legal Entity Form

Notification of results and contractualisation


Please note that the standard grant agreements of the Agency are currently under revision due to the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application as from 01 January 2013. For this reason they are not yet annexed to the call. However, please note that the other documents available to you are already in line with the new provisions and provide you with all the necessary information to prepare your application.

All applicants will receive a written notification of the outcome as well as feedback on the evaluation of their application. Applications that have been selected for EU co-financing will receive an explanation of the action required to complete the contractualisation procedures. Where possible, reserve lists will be drawn up.

Documentation required from all selected applicants

  1. Letters from each partner organisation:
    • Letter of Mandate for Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement: - en update 13/6/2013
    • Letter of Intent for Erasmus Networks and Unilateral projects: - en update 13/6/2013
  2. Download the Financial Identification form (applicant organisation only).
  3. Statutes of the Applicant Organisation

Additional documentation required from applicant organisations that are not public bodies

The following documentation is required from applicant organisations that do not have the status of a "Public Body" according to their National Legislation OR as defined in Article B.7 of the Annex to the LLP Decision. They are only required for applications that request a grant that is higher than 60.000€

  1. Financial Capacity Form (applicant organisation only):
    - en fr de cs da el et es hu fi it ltmt nl pl pt sk sl sv
  1. A copy of the certified annual accounts (including the balance sheet, the Profit and Loss accounts and the annexes) for the last 2 years in accordance with national law.

Payment and reporting arrangements

Models of Grant Agreement

The draft agreements have been reviewed in 2013 to be in line with the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application. The type of Grant Agreement (contract) offered to successful applicants will vary depending on the nature of the consortium. Two core models will be used: a multibeneficiary grant agreement will be used by all successful consortia except Erasmus Networks, which will use a monobeneficiary grant agreement.

  • Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement: - en update 13/6/2013
  • Monobeneficiary Grant Agreement: Model to be provided as soon as possible.

Please note

  • this model is provided for information only. Specific articles will be introduced where necessary for Grant Agreements with different payment and reporting arrangements and 3rd country participation.
  • in the framework of a Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement, the terminology used will remain the same as was introduced in 2012, i.e. the "beneficiary" (called "applicant" in the application form) is now the "co-ordinator" and "partners" are now called "co-beneficiaries".

Payment arrangements

  • For projects of up to 18 months' duration: 70% prefinancing, balance paid after approval of a Final Report (no progress report)
  • For projects of between 18 and 24 months' duration receiving European Union co-funding of €150.000/year or less: 70% prefinancing, Progress report at mid-term, balance paid after approval of a Final Report
  • For other projects: 40% first prefinancing payment; 40% second prefinancing paid after approval of a Progress Report at mid-term; balance paid after approval of a Final Report

Model report forms and grants agreements used in previous years can be consulted in the Beneficiaries' area of this website.

Financial Guarantee

It is possible that some organisations will need to provide a bank guarantee. This applies in particular to organisations that do not have the status of a public body. If a financial guarantee for pre-financing is required, an additional article is included in the grant agreement. Financial Guarantees are not required for grants equal to or lower than 60.000 €.

Model Financial Guarantee: Word en

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions: PDF en

Helpdesk and specific information for applicants


Comenius: EACEA-LLPCOMENIUS@ec.europa.eu


Leonardo da Vinci: EACEA-Leonardo-da-Vinci@ec.europa.eu

Grundtvig: EACEA-LLPGRUNDTVIG@ec.europa.eu

Transversal Programmes

KA1 - Policy Co-operation and Innovation:

KA2 – Languages: EACEA-LANGUAGES@ec.europa.eu

KA3 – ICT: EACEA-ICT-LLP@ec.europa.eu

KA4 - Dissemination and exploitation of results: EACEA-LLP-KA4@ec.europa.eu

For all parts of the Programme not included in the table above, please contact your National Agency: http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/llp/national_en.html

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