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Selection Results for the LLP transversal programme
(Key Activities 1, 2, 3 and 4)
Call for Proposal 2012 (DG EAC/27/11)

The final list of proposals recommended for EU funding under the LLP transversal programme was adopted by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency on July the 12th, 2012.
The complete lists are provided below.

All institutions participating in this call for proposals have been informed by the Executive Agency in writing about the detailed results of the evaluation of their applications. This information, including specific comments reflecting the opinion of the independent experts, has been communicated individually to successful and unsuccessful applicants. At the same time the Agency has invited the applicants with proposals which are recommended for EU funding to complete the formalities necessary for the confirmation of the grant awards via Grant Agreements.
Please note, however, that inclusion in this list does not represent a financial or legal commitment on the part of the Executive Agency. The offer of an award is confirmed only when the Grant Decision has been sent or the applicant's legal representative and the Agency have signed the Grant Agreement.

Successful applicants have 10 working days to provide all the documentation required to complete the process of preparing grant agreements. If the notification letter arrives during the holiday period this time constraint will be relaxed where required. In all instances the complete set of contractualisation documents must be correctly submitted no later than 1 month before the start date of the project.

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