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LLP Call for Proposals 2010

Call EAC/41/09 (2009/C 247/09)

Call for Proposals: Multilateral Projects, Networks, Accompanying Measures and Studies under the Sub-Programmes, Transversal Programme (Key Activities) and Jean Monnet

On this page:

The 2010 General Call for Proposals has been published by the Commission: please find all core documentation in the DG EAC website: Call EAC/41/09 (2009/C 247/09)


Reference & application

Deadline and results

Selection status

Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci
Multilateral Projects*, Networks, Accompanying Measures
Call EAC/41/09
(2009/C 247/09)

12:00 noon (CET)**

Results due Mid July
Transversal Programme:
KA1 (Studies and Comparative Research) KA2 (Languages), KA3 (ICT), KA4 (Valorisation)
Multilateral Projects, Networks, Accompanying Measures, Studies

12:00 noon (CET)

Results due July

* (for Leonardo da Vinci: only Multilateral projects for Development of innovation)

** Date of postage for Erasmus Networks and Erasmus Accompanying Measures.

For all parts of the Programme not included in the table above, please contact your National Agency

Information updates - Published 30/07/2010

LLP Transversal programme (Key Activities 1, 2, 3 and 4): the results of the selections have been published - see above "

Information updates - Published 23/07/2010

LLP Sub programmes (Comenius, Erasmus, Gruntvig and Leonardo da Vinci): the results of the selections have been published - see above "

Information updates - Published 30/06/2010

LLP Sub programmes (Comenius, Erasmus, Gruntvig and Leonardo da Vinci): the results of the selections are being finalised. They will be published in Mid July.

Indicative timetable
Official notification of results sent to applicants: July 2010
Contractualisation of approved projects: August to September 2010
First projects start: October 2010

Information updates - Published 16/03/2010

In February 2010 Adobe has released an update that might prevent you from submitting the eForm. Versions 8.2 and 9.3 of Adobe Reader and Acrobat include an Enhanced Security feature which, if not disabled, blocks your eForm’s submission. Please visit the 'Known Issues' section of the eForm index page to find instructions on how to temporarily disable this security feature so that your eForm can be submitted. In case you will still be experiencing any technical submission problem, please contact the External Helpdesk (EACEA-EXTERNAL-HELPDESK@ec.europa.eu) immediately.

Information updates - Published 16/02/2010

The DE and FR versions of the eForm User Guide have been updated : the screenshots that were previously displayed in English, are now visible in French and German. The EN, DE and FR version of the application form for third country participation have been replaced because there was a formatting error in the previous versions (boxes were overwritten when applicants were filling in parts B, C and D). The FAQ have been updated accordingly.

Information updates - Published 11/02/2010

The DE and FR versions of the Instructions for completing the application form have been replaced. Also, the list of associated partners (part 5 of the application package), previously in excel format, has been replaced by a document in Word format. In relation with this, the frequently asked questions (FAQ) have been updated.

Information updates - Published 4/2/2010"

A first set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been published.

Information updates - Published 03/02/2010

The EN version of the eForm has been updated. The new version (2.10) corrects a bug concerning section C7 (number of staff days).

A FAQ will be published to help applicants explain how to deal with the bug if they have already started to complete the previous version of the EN form (version 2.00)

Information updates - Published 25/01/2010

The French and German versions are being finalised. They will be published within the next 2 days along with the instructions and user guides.

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Information updates - Published 13/01/2010

The application documentation has been updated. The eForm is available in English. The French and German versions are due for publication on 25/01/2010.

If you wish to receive an alert when this page is changed, please sign up to the RSS News Feeds using the link at the foot of this page


This page provides access to all the documentation needed to make an application under the Centralised parts of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).
Applicants who would like to be notified of updates should register for News feeds (RSS) at the foot of this page

Innovations 2010

International Cooperation
In 2010 applicants for certain LLP Actions will have the opportunity to include in their applications an option for collaboration with organisations established in Third countries.
Explanatory note: PDF Englishfrde- 08/03/2010

eForm Sub Programmes and Transversal Programme
The majority of applications for grants under the Sub Programmes and Transversal Programme must be submitted using an eForm. The exceptions are applications for Erasmus Networks and Erasmus Accompanying Measures, for which a paper submission will be necessary.

Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement
The type of Grant Agreement (contract) to be used by successful applicants will vary depending on the nature of the consortium. Two core models will be used: a multibeneficiary grant agreement will be used by all successful consortia except Erasmus Networks. The remaining successful applicants (unilateral projects and Erasmus Networks) will use a similar model to that used in previous years.

Please note that in the framework of the Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement, what was formerly known as the "beneficiary" (called "applicant" in the application form) is now the "co-ordinator" and what was formerly known as the "partners" are now the "co-beneficiaries".

Please see also the Notification and Contractualisation section below for information relating to other documentation required for contractualisation.

The 2 models of Grant Agreement side by side: - English
Please note that this document is provided for information only: the grant Agreement to be used for 2010 will be similar but not necessarily identical to these models.

Official documentation

All core documentation Has been published by DG EAC and is available from the DG EAC website.

Applicants will need to be familiar with this information particularly in the LLP Guide, which is published in 3 parts. Please use the link above to access the following documents:

  • Official announcement of the Call for Proposals
  • Strategic priorities
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part I – General Provisions
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part IIa – Sub-Programmes and Actions
  • Lifelong Learning Programme Guide - Part IIb – Explanations by action

Application forms and annexes

Instructions for Applicants

Instructions for Applicants: - Englishfrde - 27/01/2010 - FR and DE versions updated on 11/02/2010

Applicants for Erasmus Networks and Erasmus Accompanying Measures can refer to this document as a guide for drafting their proposals (Parts I and III in particular). However, specific instructions on how to fill in the application form under these two actions are available by writing to the Helpdesk for Erasmus Networks or Accompanying Measures (as appropriate).

The Application Package

The Application Package consists of the following elements:

Part 1 Application form:

Part 2 Detailed financial tables and Workpackages summary chart

  • Budget table and Gantt Chart:

    For consortia up to and including 22 organisations: - enfrde - 13/01/2010 - New FR version on 22/03/2010
    For consortia of between 23 and 200 organisations: - enfrde - 13/01/2010 - New FR version on 22/03/2010

    These are standard Excel tables containing details of all planned expenditure and revenues as well as a Gantt chart summarising the work packages. These tables, once completed are to be attached to the eForm (above).

Part 3 Declaration Of Honour By Legal Representative Of Applicant Organisation: - Englishfrde - 22/02/2010

Part 4 Legal Entity Form: a pdf document to be completed for the Applicant Organisation, signed, scanned and attached to the Application Form. The Form must be downloaded from the following web page: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/execution/legal_entities_en.htm

Where relevant:

Part 5 List of Associated Partners: a Word document for use ONLY by consortia that include the input of organisations that are not full members of the project team (Associated / Silent / Ineligible partners) -English - 11/02/2010

Part 6: Description of third country participation: PDF Englishfrde - 18/03/2010

Applicants will be required to submit 1 original of parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and, where relevant, parts 5 and / or 6 by electronic submission. This is considered to be the original form. As a back-up, applicants must save and print the submitted form, and send one copy by mail.

Notification of results and contractualisation

All applicants will receive a written notification of the outcome as well as feedback on the evaluation of their application.
Applications that have been selected for co-financing will receive an explanation of the action required to complete the contractualisation procedures. Where possible reserve lists will be drawn up.

Documentation required from all selected applicants

  • Letters from partner organisations:
    • Letter of Mandate for Multibeneficiary Grant Agreement: PDF Englishfrde - 06/05/2010
    • Letter of Intent for Erasmus Networks and Unilateral projects: PDF Englishfrde- 06/05/2010

  • Financial Identification form (applicant organisation only). This must be either signed by the bank concerned or accompanied by a recent bank statement.

    Download the Financial Identification form

  • Statutes of the Applicant Organisation (applicant organisation only)

Documentation required from applicant organisations that do not have the status of a "Public Body" according to their National Legislation OR as defined in Article B.7 of the Annex to the LLP Decision

  • Financial Capacity Form (applicant organisation only):
    българскиCeštinaDanskDeutschEllenika EnglishEspañol EestiSuomiFrançaisMagyaritalianoLietuviškaiLatviskiMaltiNederlandspolskiPortuguêsromanaSlovencinaSlovenšcinaSvenska
  • Profit and loss sheet for the previous 2 years

Payment and reporting arrangements

  • For projects of up to 18 months' duration: 70% prefinancing, balance paid after approval of a Final Report (no progress report)
  • For projects of between 18 and 24 months' duration receiving Community co-funding of €150.000/year or less: 70% prefinancing, Progress report at mid-term, balance paid after approval of a Final Report
  • For other projects: 40% first prefinancing payment; 40% second prefinancing paid after approval of a Progress Report at mid-term; balance paid after approval of a Final Report

Model report forms used in previous years can be consulted in the Beneficiaries' area of this website

For private bodies, if a financial guarantee for pre-financing is required, an additional article is included in the grant agreement:

I.4.5. The payment of the pre-financings amounts specified in article I.4.1 and I.4.2 (if applicable) are conditional on the beneficiary producing a financial guarantee equivalent to the aggregate amount of pre­financing to be paid.

Model Financial Guarantee: - enfrde - 13/01/2010

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ): - English - 17/02/2010

Helpdesk and specific information for applicants

For all parts of the Programme not included in the table above, please contact your National Agency: http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/llp/national_en.html


Comenius: EACEA-LLPCOMENIUS@ec.europa.eu

Leonardo da Vinci: EACEA-Leonardo-da-Vinci@ec.europa.eu

Grundtvig: EACEA-LLPGRUNDTVIG@ec.europa.eu

Transversal Programmes

KA1 - Policy cooperation and innovation: EACEA-LLP-KA1@ec.europa.eu

KA2 – Languages: EACEA-LANGUAGES@ec.europa.eu

KA3 – ICT: EACEA-ICT-LLP@ec.europa.eu

KA4 - Dissemination and exploitation of results: EACEA-LLP-KA4@ec.europa.eu

Jean Monnet: EACEA-AJM@ec.europa.eu


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