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Invitation addressed to the Network of National Academic Recognition Centres (NARIC) for co-funding proposals for the Year 2009-2011

This page provides access to all the documentation needed to make an application under the above mentioned Invitation.
In 2009 the Invitation addressed to the NARIC network covers a period of two years, thus enabling the centres to set up long-term projects with ambitious outcomes. The available budget has been increased in response to these changes to the amount of 500,000 Eur for activities within the entire two-year period.

Objectives of the Invitation

This Invitation aims to support the NARIC network in promoting co-operation and mobility in the field of education and employment, especially by striving for a better recognition of diplomas and study periods. To this end, this Invitation invites projects which:

  • substantially enhance the quality and effectiveness of the NARIC network, in view of the tasks laid down in the NARIC Network Mandate;
  • aim at implementing priorities in the field of recognition set in the framework of the process towards a European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process) and the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.

The Invitation is restricted to NARIC centres established in one of the countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. Applications for funding may be submitted by a single NARIC centre or a consortium (more details are available in the Invitation). Non-NARIC institutions can also participate in projects co-funded under this Invitation.
The management of this Invitation has been delegated by the European Commission to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Text of the Invitation

Word file Full text

Application Package

There are three different application forms following the structure of the Invitation and the different submission deadlines:

Category 3.3.1 - Projects for the benefit of the network – submission deadline 30 October 2009

Category 3.3.2 – Organisation of the 2010 annual ENIC/NARIC meeting – submission deadline 30 October 2009

Category 3.3.3 - Organisation of the 2011 annual ENIC/NARIC meeting – submission deadline 1 March 2010


The following annexes must be attached to each application form (for all three types)::

Instructions will guide the applicants in filling-in the application form:

Supporting documents

The Decision

This Invitation to submit is based on Decision 1720/2006/EC establishing the Lifelong Learning programme (LLP) which was adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 15 November 2006. Under this Decision, the Commission is inviting proposals for the implementation of the Community network of National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARIC).

The financial support for the NARIC network within the framework of the Lifelong Learning programme is provided under the Transversal programme – Key Activity 1.


For further information, and specific queries about the Invitation, please contact Ms Katarina Smalova at the EACEA at the following mailbox: EACEA-NARIC@ec.europa.eu

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