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LIFELONG LEARNING — Erasmus University Charter 2007 — 2013

Funding opportunities 2007

Erasmus University Charter: selection 2007

Legal Basis

Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals 2007 of 20 December 2006

Selection results 2007

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Selection list has been updated on 14 October 2008 as explained below.

In order to simplify the procedure and in consultation with Erasmus National Agencies, the Executive Agency and the Commission have decided to apply the following measures:

The Erasmus University Charter activity code, i.e. EUC (Standard Charter); EUCP (Extended Charter, student placements only); EUCX (Extended Charter, Standard Charter and student placements), have been changed to reflect the precise type of EUC awarded to an institution.

Example:   An institution applied for the Extended Charter (Standard Charter and student placements) under the selection 2007 with the reference number 218848-IC-1-2007-1-UK-ERASMUS-EUC-1 and obtained the Extended Charter (Standard Charter and student placements). The institution obtains an Extended Charter (Standard Charter and student placements) with the following reference number 218848-IC-2007-1-UK-ERASMUS-EUCX-1.

The list below provides the selection results by country:
PDF List of institutions awarded Erasmus University Charter under the Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals (EAC/61/2006), Selection Year 2007 Update 15/11/2007 + 27/05/2008 + 29/05/2008 + 14/10/2008 + 30/10/2008

NB: Please note that the duration of the awarded Charter (until the end of the LLP or one year) is not indicated in the list.


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