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Comenius Programme

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The Comenius programme focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for all members of the education community: pupils, teachers, public authorities, parents’ associations, non-government organisations, teacher training institutes, universities and all other educational staff.

Part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Comenius seeks to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures, languages and values. It helps young people acquire the basic life skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active citizenship.

The programme addresses issues strongly related to current discussions and developments in school policy. Priorities are set annually.


Comenius has the following goals:

  • To improve and increase the mobility of pupils and educational staff in different Member States
  • To enhance and increase partnerships between schools in different Member States, with at least three million pupils taking part in joint educational activities by 2010  
  • To encourage language learning, innovative ICT-based content, services and better teaching techniques and practices 
  • To enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training 
  • To improve pedagogical approaches and school management

Comenius actions managed by the EACEA

Comenius supports cooperation actions among all those active in school education in Europe.
All actions are described in the LLP Guide for Applicants.

The following actions are managed by the EACEA:

Comenius Multilateral Projects
Projects which aim to develop, promote and disseminate educational good practice, including new teaching methods and materials, develop or exchange experiences on information systems for learners, teachers or other education staff and develop new teacher training courses or course content.

Comenius Multilateral Networks
Networks which represent as a minimum organisations from 6 countries and aim to develop education in their subject area or discipline, acquiring and disseminating relevant good practice and innovation, and providing content support to other Comenius projects and partnerships.

Comenius Accompanying measures
Accompanying measures aim to support various activities which will clearly contribute to achieving the Comenius Programme objectives.

A portal which takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet and digital media to promote European school cooperation, collaborative learning and project based pedagogy. eTwinning does not finance single projects but supports them by offering tools and support.

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Beneficiaries space

Are you currently participating in one of our funded actions? Here you can find project meetings and reporting documents.

For beneficiaries 2009

For beneficiaries 2008

For beneficiaries 2007

For beneficiaries Comenius 2000-2006 (Socrates)

Results and projects

Want to know more about the results of projects, tenders and other actions? Here you can find selection results, compendia, project reports, studies, etc.

Selection results

Project compendia

Project reports

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