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Results of Erasmus Mundus 2013 selection: Call for Proposals EACEA/38/12

Erasmus Mundus has completed its selection of consortia, partnerships and projects under two  Actions of the Programme within the Call for Proposals EACEA 38/12. The Call was issued on 28 December 2012, with a deadline for proposals of 15 April 2013.
This year the Call did not include a selection of Action 1 joint programmes.

All institutions/applicants participating in this call for proposals will be informed by the Executive Agency in writing about the detailed results of the evaluation of their applications. This information, including specific comments based upon the opinion of the independent experts, will be communicated individually to successful and unsuccessful applicants. At the same time the Agency will invite selected applicants to complete the formalities necessary for the grant awards to be confirmed via Grant Agreements.

Students and academics interested in scholarships should visit the website of the Masters course, joint Doctorate or partnership in which they are interested.

This information notice was posted on 11 July 2013.

Selection results

Action 2 Partnerships:

The 2013 Call for Proposals selected 62 Action 2 partnerships that will start offering mobility in the second half of 2013 or in 2014.

pdf file Action 2 partnerships selected in 2013

Action 2, Strand 1

Action 2 Strand 1 has selected 57 partnerships for mobility between the EU and countries covered by a number of the EU's financial instruments: ENPI, DCI, EDF and IPA, also funded by ICI+.

pdf file List of Action 2 Strand 1 partnerships selected (with partners)

Action 2, Strand 2

Action 2 Strand 2 has selected five partnerships for mobility between the EU and countries covered by the Industrialised Countries Instrument (ICI)

pdf file List of Action 2 Strand 2 partnerships selected (with partners)

On the selected projects page you will find a list of all Action 2 partnerships, including this 2013 selection, and previous External Cooperation Window selections. The lists contain a link to each partnership's website (to be updated for new projects by September/October).

Action 3 projects to promote European higher education:

Action 3 has selected ten projects in its open Call for Proposals for projects to promote the attractiveness of European higher education. higher education cooperation with particular regions, the improvement of services for international students and doctoral candidates, quality assurance, the link between higher education and research, and on ways of promoting European study opportunities for doctoral candidates.

pdf file Action 3, Open Call for Proposals, projects selected in 2013

pdf file List of Action 3 projects selected (with partners)

On the selected projects page you will find a list of all Action 3 projects, including previous selections.

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