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Cluster on Sustainability and Recognition of Degrees and Joint Degrees


The combined Cluster on Sustainability and Recognition of Degrees and Joint Degrees brings together existing EM Joint Programmes, Action 2 Partnerships, Action 3 Attractiveness Projects with the experience of the National Structures and the views of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association (EMA). It also involves contributors from outside the programme, such as representatives of the labour market.

This combined cluster aims to identify existing good practices on both topics: 

  • On Sustainability strategies with a view to ensure the continuation of Erasmus Mundus activities beyond the period of EU funding.  A sustainability plan is indeed essential within the Joint Programmes as the number of available scholarships offered is progressively reduced over the lifetime of the project.

    pdf Learn more in this summary document 

  • On Recognition of Degrees and Joint Degrees promoted under the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Recognition of joint degrees is a challenge for the responsible authorities as the degrees have to be recognized under different higher education systems, each having their own rules on recognition. Prior to the recognition of a degree, an accreditation process assessing the academic quality of the programme usually takes place.

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The aims of the workshop on Sustainability and Recognition of Degrees and Joint degrees are to:

  • Provide different views from: European and third-country universities, National Structures, alumni, industry representatives and the European Commission;
  • Identify key issues related to sustainability and recognition of degrees/joint degrees within Erasmus Mundus;
  • Analyse good practices and share experiences and difficulties;
  • Identify recommendations for the practical guidelines;
  • Lead to a discussion to improve the sustainability of projects and the recognition of degrees provided within the Erasmus Mundus Programme;
  • Lead to the identification of some key points which still can be brought into discussions on the new programme for higher education cooperation (2014-2020).

Erasmus Mundus Workshop on Recognition of Degrees and Joint Degrees and Sustainability, 26th and 27th March 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Survey report

  • A survey among existing Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes, Partnerships, Attractiveness Projects, National Structures and alumni, targeting European and non-European partners involved.
  • A Survey report on sustainability and  the accreditation process and the difficulties encountered in the recognition of joint degrees.

pdf Survey report

Practical Guidelines

  • Practical  guidelines with relevant examples of good practice on sustainability strategies and recognition issues within Erasmus Mundus.

pdf Practical guidelines on sustainability strategies

pdf Practical guidelines on recognition issues

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