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Welcome to eFocus Education!

Welcome to eFocus Education! The "eFocus Education" supplement, prepared by the Executive Agency (EACEA), takes a closer look at EU projects in the field of education and training. Complementing DG Education and Culture's e-newsletter, it illustrates how EU policies are brought to life through transnational projects funded under the Education Programmes.

Supporting learning and training opportunities from childhood to old age, Europe is delivering benefits to people throughout the Member States and beyond.

This edition of "eFocus Education" looks at how the EU's programmes for higher education with an international scope work with partners and beneficiaries outside the EU.

Whether you are a newcomer to EU-funded projects, an experienced project participant or are simply interested in European Education, we hope you will be inspired by the results, experiences and successes from the field.

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Europe delivers
Promoting Europe as a centre of higher education excellence
Higher education is a major driver for social and economic progress. But it constantly needs to feed on new ideas and ways of thinking. These new ideas are less and less home-grown, and increasingly the result of international exchange.
The programmes reviewed in this edition of eFocus aim to foster this exchange. They also promote a better understanding of the EU itself, as well as the opportunities the region can offer to students and researchers from across the world.
In this first section we look at two programmes in particular that boost Europe's profile on the world higher education stage.
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Get inspired!
Designing joint programmes and curricula
Since the very first universities were founded, higher education has benefited enormously from sharing ideas between countries and cultures. The EU's programmes for higher education cooperation recognise this, both within Europe, and between Europe and other parts of the world.

We look at the different ways in which non-European partners contribute to projects in three such programmes.
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EU programme management backstage
Working with partners outside the EU

While the above programmes are managed from Brussels, their global reach means that we work closely with a number of partners in non-EU countries. EU Delegations act as the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the EU towards authorities and population in their host countries. A range of associations play a key role in promoting and representing EU programmes world-wide

Klaus Haupt, Head of the Tempus Programme Unit at EACEA, gives an insight into how his team works with National Tempus Offices.
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Spotlight on...
Erasmus Cluster Meeting 'Transferability and exploitation of project results',
19-20 November 2012
The 5th Erasmus Thematic Cluster Meeting gathered 60 Erasmus leaders from centralised projects, relevant key experts, EACEA and EC officials.
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Erasmus Mundus Clusters
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Jean Monnet Cluster Meeting 'Trends and Developments in European Studies',
7-8 February 2013
Since the Jean Monnet Programme started in 1989, European studies have spread all over the world.
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Tempus study on HR management
How are human resources managed in universities outside the EU?
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