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Strands 3.2: Cooperation projects between organisations involved in cultural policy analysis


Description: Within the framework of the European Agenda for culture, this strand is aimed at supporting cooperation projects involving minimum three organisations established in three different countries. Those organisations must have a direct and practical experience in the analysis, evaluation, or impact assessment of cultural policies at local, regional, national and/or European levels, related to one or more of the 3 objectives of the European Agenda for culture. With this strand of the programme the European Union aims at promoting the exchange, analysis, comparison and consolidation of existing quantitative and qualitative data and evaluation methods. Furthermore, it aims at facilitating the production of proposals and recommendations for new evaluation methods or quantitative and qualitative data. The launching of new specific studies or data collections is not covered.
Reference and applications: The programme Guide
Application: Funding opportunities 2012
Responsible entity: EACEA
Projects duration:
Lasting from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months.
Grant allocation: Grants cannot exceed more EUR 120 000 for each year of activity and is limited to 60 % of the total eligible costs.



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