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Strand 2: Support for Organisations Active at European Level in the Field of Culture

Description: Cultural organisations working, or wanting to work, at European level in the field of culture can receive support for their operating costs. This strand targets organisations that promote a sense of shared cultural experience with a truly European dimension.

The grant awarded under this strand is a support to operating costs incurred for the permanent activities of beneficiary organisations. This profoundly differs from any other grants, which may be awarded under the other strands of the Programme. A more detailed description of support to operating costs and project grants is provided in Chapter III.2.

Three categories of organisations are eligible under this strand (a more detailed description of each category is provided in Chapter VI):

a) Ambassadors
b) Advocacy networks
c) Structured dialogue Platforms

Reference: Programme Guide

- Funding opportunities 2012
- (Annual operating grant)

Responsible entity: EACEA
1 financial year of the organisation.
Grant allocation: Available funds depend on the category applied for, but EU support is limited to maximum 80% of the total eligible costs.


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