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Strand 1.2.2 : Support for literary translations
Call for proposals - Official Journal C 286/16 of 22/09/2012
Selection results

This information notice was posted on 15 July 2013.

The list of selected projects was adopted on 5 July 2013 (Decision EACEA/PR-INF/2013-14). The final lists are provided below.

pdf Projects proposed for selection 2013

pdf Books proposed for selection 2013


pdf Projects proposed for selection, sorted by country - Chart

pdf Projects proposed for selection, sorted by amount - Chart

pdf Submitted Applications, sorted by country - Chart

pdf Submitted Applications, sorted by amount - Chart



All applicants participating in the call for proposals will be informed by the Executive Agency in writing about the detailed results of the evaluation of their applications. This information, including specific comments based upon the opinion of the independent experts, will be communicated individually to successful and unsuccessful applicants. At the same time the Agency will invite selected applicants to complete the formalities necessary for the grant awards to be confirmed via Grant Agreements/Decisions:

Please note that the funding of each book depends on its eligibility as well as on the validity of both its copyright and translation contracts. Selected applicants have 15 days to provide these contracts to the Agency (in the case of the rights agreement, a letter of intent from the holder of the rights authorising the publisher to translate, print and sell his/her work is sufficient).

If applicants do not demonstrate to the Agency that they own the rights to the literary work(s) by submitting the rights contract as soon as possible and during the eligibility period of the project funded by EACEA, or in case of false letter of intent, the Agency will be entitled to terminate the contract without any indemnity on its part and to recover the part or whole of the amounts paid (without prejudice to any other rights and sanctions).

Indicative timetable

Official notification of results sent to applicants: July
Contractualisation of approved projects: Summer - Autumn 2013
First projects start: 1/9/13 or before if duly justified in the application (not prior to 6/2/2013)