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Strand 1.2.2: Literary translation projects

On this page:

Reference documents

Useful documents:

  • The Culture Programme Guide
  • The Instructions for applicants pdf en
  • E-form User Guide pdf en
  • Draft Grant contracts (subject to change)
    - For EU applicants: Draft Grant decision pdf en
    - For non-EU applicants: Draft Grant agreement pdf en

Deadline for applications

The application must be sent at the latest by Midday, 12:00 Brussels time on 03/02/2012.

For more information about the agenda of the procedure, please consult the Calendar 2008-2013.

Application procedure

The Executive Agency has developed an on-line submission tool.

All applications must be made via the submission of an electronic form and the submission of a paper application package. Paper-only or e-form only applications will be dismissed as ineligible.

Please read the instructions on how to apply with the electronic form (referred to as the "eForm" below).

You will find hereunder all relevant documents for Strand 1.2.2

Step 1 - Download the electronic form ("eForm")

pdf Download the eForm: Please download the relevant e-Form for Strand 1.2.2 (Literary Translations) of the Culture Programme.

Please note: Applicants proposing works in either Latin or Ancient Greek should:

  1. Choose the following languages in the scroll-down menus: Italian (for Latin) and Greek (for Ancient Greek)
  2. Mention the exact language (Latin or ancient Greek) in Part C6 of the e-form (Synopsis of the work) and in the cover letter accompanying the paper application package.

You need to have the Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to able to download and complete the eForm. If you don't have it on your computer, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You will also find on this page all technical issues related to the eForm:

Step 2 - Fill in and submit the eForm

In order to fill in your application eForm properly:

  • please carefully read the Instructions for applicants: pdf en
    The document contains useful information on how to fill in the application form and the budget form.
  • please carefully read the Culture eForm User Guide: pdf en
    It contains useful technical information.

The following annexes will have to be attached to the eForm and submitted on-line at the same time:

  1. The signed Declaration on honour word enfrde (please sign, scan and attach the document to the eForm)
  2. Signed declaration concerning the works to be translated (please sign, scan and attach the document to the eForm): word enfrde
  3. The estimated budget form 1.2.2: excel enfrde

You can then submit your e-Form application on-line before 03/02/2012 midday, 12:00 Brussels time.

Step 3 – Prepare and send the paper application package to the Executive Agency

After submitting your e-form, please send your application package to the Executive Agency (deadline: 03/02/2012, the postmark serves as proof).

As from this year, the application package to be sent to the Executive Agency must include both paper copies of documents (with original signatures) as well as a CD-Rom.
  1. Documents to be provided on paper
    1. An official cover letter signed by the legal representative of the applying organisation
    2. One printed copy of the submitted e-Form (the submission number should appear at the bottom of each page of the e-form)
    3. The signed estimated budget form (copy of the e-form's attachment). Please read carefully the Instructions for Applicants as it explains the way the grant will be calculated in the funding contract and at the end of the project.
    4. The Legal Entity Form
    5. The Financial Identification Form
    6. The signed Declaration of Honour (copy of the e-form's attachment)
    7. The signed Declaration concerning the works to be translated (copy of the e-form's attachment)
    8. The Financial Capacity Form (if the requested grant exceeds 25.000 EUR)
      Word file en fr de cs da el et es hu fi it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv
    9. Copy of the official accounts for the last financial year for which the accounts have been closed (Balance sheets and Profit/Loss accounts)
    10. Curriculum Vitae of the persons responsible for the implementation of the action and of the translators
    11. Commercially available hardcopies of the books proposed for translation
    12. An activity report covering the past two years for the coordinator and the coorganisers (there is no template for this document)
    13. Any additional material supporting the application
    14. Checklist 1.2.2. Word file en This checklist will help you ensure that your paper application package is complete.
  2. Documents to be provided also on CD-Rom
    1. All CVs (translators + persons responsible for the project implementation)
    2. Activity Report
    3. Signed cover letter
    4. Any additional document justifying the choice of translators or the sending of book photocopies instead of commercially available hardcopies.

Please send all documents by post at the latest on 03/02/2012 (the postmark serves as proof) to the Executive Agency, to the following address:

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Culture Programme (2007–2013)
Programme Strand 1.2.2.Literary translation projects 
Avenue du Bourget 1
(BOUR 04/64)
B – 1140 Brussels Belgium

Documents can be sent:

  • by post
  • by express courier service
  • delivered in person by applicants themselves, not later than 16:00 on 03/02/2012.

Important information regarding original and target languages

The list of languages and flat-rate codes has been established on the basis of the following definition:

"Eligible languages are the official languages of the countries taking part in the Programme plus Latin and ancient Greek. The official languages referred to in this case are the official languages as defined by the Constitution or by the basic law of the respective country." (Programme Guide, Section V.3.3)

List of eligible languages

  • Albanian SQ
  • Bosnian BS
  • Bulgarian BG
  • Czech CS
  • Danish DA
  • German DE
  • Greek GR
  • English EN
  • Spanish ES
  • Estonian ET
  • Finnish FI
  • French FR
  • Irish GA
  • Hungarian HU
  • Icelandic IS
  • Italian IT
  • Lithuanian LT
  • Latvian LV
  • Maltese MT
  • Dutch NL
  • Norwegian NO
  • Polish PL
  • Portuguese PT
  • Romanian RO
  • Slovakian SK
  • Slovenian SL
  • Swedish SV
  • Turkish TR
  • Croatian HR
  • Montenegrin ME
  • Macedonian MK*
  • Serbian SR
  • Latin LA
  • Ancient Greek EL
* Provisional code which does not prejudge in any way the definitive nomenclature for this country, which will be agreed following the conclusion of negotiations currently taking place under the auspices of United Nations

Should you not find, in the drop-down menu, the official original or target language you are applying for, please apply the following procedure:

  • Make sure that this language is official as defined by the Constitution or by the basic law of the respective country;
  • Choose in the drop-down menu a language pertaining to the same Country, for which a flat-rate will be automatically chosen;
  • Explain this language choice in your cover letter.

 The Agency will process your application accordingly.

Please note that other languages than those mentioned above will be eligible if they comply with the above-mentioned definition. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis during the eligibility check carried out for all applications.

Further assistance

Technical questions

If, after referring to the Culture eForm User Guide pdf en, you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem which could not be solved, please contact the Helpdesk Service by phone or email.


This service is available from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 17:30 (Brussels time), and on Fridays from 8:30 to 17:00 (Brussels time). The helpdesk will close at 12:00 Brussels time on 3 February 2012 (deadline for submission).

Question concerning the content of your application or the rules applicable to Strand 1.2.2

  • If, after consulting the Programme Guide and the Instructions for applicants, you still have questions concerning the content of your application or the rules applicable to Strand 1.2.2, please contact the Cultural Contact Point for your country, which can provide valuable information and assistance. Do not contact the above-mentioned Helpdesk.
  • As last resort, you can send an email to the Executive Agency, at the following address: EACEA-P5-LITERARYTRANSLATION@ec.europa.eu

Please note however that the Executive Agency is not authorised to answer queries relating to the content of your application.

Information concerning Albania:

Albania has just signed the Memorandum of Understanding concerning their participation to the Culture Programme and organisations having their registered legal seat in Albania are therefore eligible under the Culture Programme.


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