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Strand 1.1: Multi-annual cooperation projects

update Deadline extension !

This information was posted on 07/11/2012 (11:00)

Due to technical problems encountered with our server the submission deadline has been extended for one day. The new submission deadline is Thursday 8 November at 12:00 noon (Brussels time).

For any technical problems encountered with the electronic submission please contact for guidance the External Helpdesk (Phone: +32 229 90705) (Email eacea-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu).

In order to limit the technical problems we advise you to submit your application the soonest possible during the next 24 hours.
The paper submission of the application package is also extended to the 8th of November (date as marked in the postmark).

We remind you that only the submission through the on-line application will be accepted.



The standard grant agreements/decisions of the Agency are currently under revision due to the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application as from 01 January 2013.

The deadline for submission of applications under Strand 1.1 has therefore been extended until midday (12:00 Brussels times) on 07/11/2012.

The budget form and the Instructions for applicants have already been adapted to reflect these new rules. Make sure to download the new versions of these documents, available below, and to use them. The Agency reserves, however, the right to introduce changes or additional details subject to the adoption of the final text of the Financial Regulation and Rules of Application. In this case the changes will be announced in due time before the deadline of the call.

The Culture Programme Guide has been updated. You can find these updates here.

The new standard grant agreements/decisions will be made available as soon as possible.


On this page:

Reference documents

Useful documents:

Deadline for applications

The application must be sent at the latest by Midday Brussels time on 07/11/2012.

For more information about the agenda of the procedure, please consult the Calendar 2008-2013.

Please note that the eForm still mentions the original deadline of 03/10/2012. However, the new deadline of 07/11/2012 midday (12:00 Brussels time) applies. Applications submitted after this new deadline will under no circumstances be accepted.

Application procedure

The Executive Agency has developed an on-line submission tool.

You will find hereunder all relevant documents for the Strand 1.1.

Step 1 - Download the electronic form ("eForm")

pdf Download the eForm: Please download the relevant eForm for the Culture Programme.

You need to have the Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to able to download and complete the eForm. If you don't have it on your computer, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You will also find on this page all technical issues related to the eForm:

Step 2 - Fill in and submit the eForm

In order to fill in your application eForm properly:

- please carefully read the Instructions for applicants. pdf en update 23/08/2012
The document contains useful information on how to fill in the application form and the budget form.

- please carefully read the Culture eForm User Guide.
It contains useful technical information.

The following annexes will have to be attached to the eForm and submitted on-line at the same time:

1/ the detailed description of the project, in word or pdf format (there is no template for this document).
2/ The signed declaration on honour this document has to be signed, scanned and attached to the eForm (pdf format). The following template document must be used: pdf enfrdeupdate 24/09/2012
3/ the estimated budget form
XLSX excel en update 17/10/2012
ODS excel en update 17/10/2012
If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer please use only the Excel version of the budget. You can use the Open Office version of the budget only if you have Open Office installed on your computer (otherwise formulas might not work).

Please make sure to download the updated version of the budget form and transfer all elements into this new version. The old forms will not be accepted.

  • Please follow the e-Tutorial on how to fill in the budget

  • Please consult the Financial Information Kit for practical guidelines concerning financial management, which you can download from pdf en

  • Please consult the Guidance Notes on the Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report (Type II). This document gives you detailed information concerning the auditor's report that you will need to submit at the end of your project in case it is selected. You can download the Guidance Notes (to be published shortly)

The budget form is an Excel 2007 template or in an open source template. There is important information on how to open and work with the Excel template in the Instructions for applicants pdf en

The minimum requirement for Mac users is Office 2004. A known problem for Mac users is that the drop-down menu in column B of the ‘Detailed budget by activities’ part of the budget form does not appear. As no technical solution for this problem is available, we provide the list of values for this field in the first sheet called 'Content of the budget' of the budget form. If the values are copied exactly (case-sensitive), the formulas behind the field work.

For information: Daily subsistence allowances excel en

Then submit your eForm application on-line before the midday deadline (12:00 Brussels time) on 07/11/ 2012.

Please note that we will not take any responsibility for last minute fall outs of internet, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply in time and to solve any possible technical problem before the expiration of the time limit (12:00 Brussels time). If help is needed, please consult the section on "Further assistance" below.

Step 3 - Send the paper version of your application to the Executive Agency.

Send your application package to the Executive Agency (deadline: 07/11/2012, the postmark serves as proof).

The application package to be sent to the Executive Agency must include a CD-Rom or USB stick containing all requested documents. The ones that could not be provided on CD-Rom or USB stick (for example: copy of the balance sheets and profit & loss accounts) must be sent on paper.

A) Documents to be provided on paper:

1/ an official cover letter signed by the legal representative of the coordinator

B) Documents to be provided on CD-Rom or USB Stick New

2/ the cooperation agreement* signed by the legal representative of the coordinator and all the coorganisers. There is no template provided by the Executive Agency, but to give you an idea, the cooperation agreement could contain the following information:

  • a clear description of the objectives of the project,
  • a clear description of the activities which will be implemented in order to achieve these objectives,
  • a clear description of the role and obligations of the coordinator and each coorganiser in the design and implementation of the project, including the tasks assigned to each partner,
  • a clear description of the budgetary and financial framework including the amounts of financial contributions,
  • legal aspects such as duration of agreement, liability, breach of contract, termination of agreement, governing law and dispute resolution.

3/a mandate* for each coorganiser, conferring power of attorney to the coordinating organisation. The following template document must be used: pdf enfrde

4/an estimated budget form* signed by the legal representative of the coordinator (only the 'total estimated budget' sheet)

5/ the legal entity form supported by copies of official documents (for the coordinator only)

6/ the financial identification form (for the coordinator only)

7/ the financial capability form (for the coordinator only)
Word file en fr de cs da el et es hu fi it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv

8/ a copy of the official accounts of the coordinator for the last financial year for which the accounts have been closed (Balance sheets and Profit/Loss accounts)

9/ an external audit report certifying the coordinator's accounts of the last available year (there is no template for this document)

10/ an activity report covering the past two years for the coordinator and all the coorganisers (there is no template provided by the Executive Agency)

11/ Curriculum Vitae of the persons responsible for the implementation of the action (as defined in the relevant part of the eForm)

Use this checklist in order to ensure that your application package is complete pdfen

* Please note that failure to include these documents in the application package makes your application ineligible (no exceptions will be granted).

All documents that cannot be provided on CD-Rom or USB Stick (for example: copy of the balance sheets and profit & loss accounts) must be sent on paper.

You must send the application package by post at the latest on 07/11/2012 (the postmark serves as proof) to the Executive Agency, at the following address:

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Culture Programme (2007–2013)
Programme Strand 1.1 Multi-annual cooperation projects 
Avenue du Bourget 1
(BOUR 04/13)
B – 1140 Brussels Belgium

Documents can be sent:
- by post
- by express courier service
- delivered in person by applicants themselves,not later than 16:00 on 07/11/2012.

Further assistance

Depending on the type of question or problem encountered – technical or non-technical – there are different services that should be contacted.

Technical problems (e.g. you are not able to download the eForm, the eForm crashes or freezes, you encounter problems during the submission, etc.)

Please first of all carefully read the pdf Culture eForm User Guide update 23/08/2012

Please also consult the list of 'Known issues'.
If after this you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem which could not be solved, please contact the EACEA Technical Helpdesk services that are available to assist you by phone or email.

Phone Helpdesk: +32 229 90705
Email Helpdesk: eacea-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu

These services are available from Monday to Thursday, from 08:30 to 17:30 and Fridays from 08:30 to 17:00 (Brussels time), except on 07/11/2012 on which day the EACEA Technical Helpdesk will close at 12:00 midday Brussels time (deadline for submission).

If you are experiencing a technical eForm problem in the approach to the midday deadline (12:00 Brussels time) on 07/11/2012, please ensure that you request assistance from the EACEA Technical Helpdesk before the midday deadline has passed. If the Helpdesk is contacted after the midday deadline, your application will under no circumstances be accepted due to the principle of equal treatment.

When contacting the Helpdesk by e-mail, clearly describe the technical problem you are encountering. It is advisable to attach a document with print screens to illustrate the problem (e.g. a print screen of any error message encountered).

Non-technical questions (e.g. problems with filling in the budget form, questions concerning the content of the eForm application or the rules which are applicable to the Strand, etc.)

- Please start by carefully reading the Programme Guide (to be updated still) and the Instructions for applicants pdf en update 23/08/2012

- If you still have questions after this, please contact the Cultural Contact Point for your country, which can provide valuable information and assistance.

- As last resort, you can send an email to the Executive Agency, at the following address: : EACEA-P5-MULTIANNUALPROJECTS@ec.europa.eu.Please note however that the Executive Agency is not authorised to answer queries related to the content of your application.

Please do not contact any other Commission services or individual people you might have been in contact with before.


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