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Strand 3.2.: Cooperation projects between organisations involved in cultural policy analysis

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Please note that that the following documents have been updated due to a mistake related to the percentage of the maximum EU grant (the maximum EU grant is up to 60% instead of 50% as initially indicated): Instructions for applicants, application forms and the estimated budget form.
Please use the updated version of the budget and application form!

Reference documents

  • The Culture Programme Guide is the legal basis for this call.

    There is a mistake on page 87 of the Spanish Programme Guide. Applicants can in fact request a grant of up to EUR 120 000 for each year of activity.

  • The Instructions for Applicants Word file en

Deadline for applications

The application must be sent at the latest on 05/10/2011.

For more information about the agenda of the procedure, please consult the Calendar 2008-2013.

Application procedure

Application Package:

The application form and all annexes, as listed in the checklist, should be sent to the Executive Agency both in paper form (with original signatures) and in electronic format (CD-ROM).

The complete application package includes the following documents:

1/ Application form Cultural policy analysis Word file enfrde

2/ Declaration of Honour filled in with the requested grant amount and signed by the le legal representative (you will find the Declaration at the end of the application form)

3/ Annex A: Official cover letter signed by the legal representative

4/ Annex B: Activity Report covering the last 2 years (for each project participant)

5/ Annex C: Curriculum Vitae of the persons responsible for the implementation of the action

6/ Annex D: Legal Entity Form (for the coordinator only)

7/ Annex E: Financial Identification Form (for the coordinator only)

8/ Annex F: Official accounts (Balance sheets + Profit/Loss accounts) (for the coordinator only)

9/ Annex G: Financial Capability Form (for the coordinator only)
Word file en fr de cs da el et es hu fi it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv

10/ Annex H: Mandate for each co-organiser, conferring power of attorney to the coordinating organisation (failure to include this document makes your application ineligible) to be downloaded from this website: Word file enfrde

11/ Annex I: Cooperation agreement (signed by all participating organisations)

12/ Annex J: Estimated budget form Cultural policy analysis: excel en updated 21/09/2011(signed by the coordinator's legal representative)

Following technical problems with the colour format, the Excel budget table was updated. Please note that it is perfectly safe to use the previous Excel version. Just be aware that in this older version, the grant amount and the percentage were wrongly turning red for grants above 200,000€ and percentages above 50%. The correct maximum thresholds are 240,000€ and 60% of the total eligible costs.

13/ Checklist in order to ensure that your application package is complete (you will find the checklist at the end of the application form).

For information: Daily subsistence allowances excel en 

Submission of Application

Please send your application package to the Executive Agency (deadline: 05/10/2011, the postmark serves as proof) at the following address:

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Culture Programme (2007–2013)
Strand 3.2 - BOUR 04/03
Avenue du Bourget 1
B – 1140 Brussels Belgium

Documents can be sent:
- by post
- by express courier service
- delivered in person by applicants themselves, no later than 16:00 on 05/10/2011.

Further assistance

Question concerning the content of your application or the rules which are applicable within strand 3.2

If, after consulting the Programme Guide and the Instructions for Applicants, you still have questions concerning the content of your application or the rules which are applicable within strand 3.2, you may contact the Cultural Contact Point for your country, which can provide valuable information and assistance.

As last resort, you can send an email to the Executive Agency, at the following address: EACEA-P5-CULTURALPOLICYANALYS@ec.europa.eu
Please note however that the Executive Agency is not authorised to answer queries relating to the content of your application.

Information concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an eligible country under the Culture Programme: the Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 21/12/2010. Please refer to this page for more information: http://ec.europa.eu/culture/key-documents/doc1209_en.htm.

Information concerning Albania

Albania will participate in the Culture Programme (2007-2013) as from 01/01/2012 onwards on the condition that a Memorandum of Understanding concerning their participation in the Culture Programme is signed with the European Union. Please refer to this link to have an update on this question.

Under the condition that the Memorandum of Understanding is signed by both parties and enters into force on 01/01/2012, organisations having their registered legal seat in Albania will be eligible under the Culture Programme as from 01/01/2012.

In the meantime, applications sent by organisations having their registered seat in Albania will be provisionally considered eligible for the next deadline of Strand 3.2 (05/10/2011).

Co-organisers having their registered seat in Albania and involved in projects submitted under the above deadline for Strand 3.2 will also be provisionally considered eligible.

If the Memorandum is not signed or if it is signed with a starting date later than 01/01/2012, the applications and/or co-organisers from Albania will be considered ineligible or eligible as from the date of entry into force of the Memorandum.

Therefore it is advisable to add a supplementary co-organiser to the minimum of co-organisers requested in case you want to involve a co-organiser from Albania.

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