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Strand 2:
Support for organisations active at European level in the field of culture.

On this page:

Reference documents

  • the Culture Programme Guide
  • Instructions for applicants pdf en
  • Checklist for the submission of the application word file en
  • The Evaluation guide to be used by the external experts that will analyse the proposals pdf en

Deadline for applications

The application must be sent at the latest by 12:00 CEST on 15/09/2011.

For more information about the agenda of the procedure, please consult the Calendar 2008-2013.

Application procedure

The Executive Agency has developed an on-line submission tool.
warning Please read the instructions on how to apply with the electronic form (referred to as the "eForm" below).

You will find hereunder all relevant documents for the Strand 2.

Step 1 - Download the electronic form ("eForm")

pdf Download the eForm: Please download from the eForm page the relevant eForm for the Culture Programme

You need to have the Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to able to download and complete the eForm. If you don't have it on your computer, please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You will also find on this page all technical issues related to the eForm:

Step 2 - Fill in and submit the eForm

In order to fill in your application eForm properly:

- please read carefully the Instructions for applicants. pdf en
It contains useful information concerning the content of your application.

- please read carefully the pdf Culture eForm User Guide.
It contains useful technical information.

The following annexes will have to be attached to the e-forms and submitted on-line at the same time:

1/ Annex I pdf enfrde the signed Declaration of honour (you should sign, scan and attach the document)
2/ Annex II the Budget form (Budget form/ or Flat-rate calculator)

  • a) Budget form excel en   or
  • b) Flat-rate Calculator for the relevant category:
    - Flat rate calculator Ambassadors: excel en
    - Flat rate calculator Advocacy Networks: excel en
    - Structured-dialogue Platforms: excel en

Then submit your application eForm on-line before 15/09/2011 12:00 CEST.


Step 3 - Send the paper version of your application to the Executive Agency.

Send your application package to the Executive Agency (deadline 15/09/2011, the postmark serves as proof).

As from this year, the application package to be sent to the Executive Agency must include both hard copies of a number of documents as well as a CD-Rom containing CV's and activity reports.

A) Documents to be provided on paper:

1/ an official cover letter signed by the legal representative of the applicant organisation

2/ one printed copy of the submitted eForm (with application's reference number)

3/ One copy of each printed annex to the eForm
- the signed Declaration on honour *
- the Budget form /or Flat-rate Calculator *

4/ The Legal Entity Form

For legal entities governed by public law: a copy of the official document attesting to the establishment of the public-law entity, such as the legal instrument, statutory decree or decision setting up the organisation

For legal entities governed by private law: a copy of the official document attesting to the establishment of the private law entity, such as official journal or trade register (this document must show the name, address and registration number of the private-law entity), a copy of the certificate of liability to VAT (in countries where the trade register number and the VAT number are identical, only one of these documents is required) and the articles of association

5/ the Financial Identification Form

6/ A copy of the official accounts of the applicant organisation for the last financial year for which the accounts have been closed (Balance sheets and Profit and Loss accounts)

7/ If the amount of the requested operating grant is EUR 100 000 or more: an audit report produced by an approved external auditor, certifying the accounts for the last available year (this is a free document and no model is provided by the Executive Agency).
NB. This requirement does not apply to public organisations and international organisations under public law, to establishments of secondary or higher education

8/ Mandate signed by the chair * of the platform representing the platform in the framework of the selection process and coordinating the grouping (applicable only for Structured-dialogue Platforms, if the platform is not legally established)

B) Documents to be provided on CD-Rom:

9/ an activity report covering the past two years of the applicant organisation (there is no template provided by the Executive Agency)

10/ Curriculum Vitae of the persons responsible for the implementation of the work programme

Use this Checklist for the submission of the application word file en in order to ensure that your application is complete and send it together with the application package.

* Please note that failure to include these documents in the application package makes your application ineligible (no exceptions will be granted).

You must send all the documents by post mail at the latest on 15/09/2011 (the postmark serves as proof) to the Executive Agency, at the following address:

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Culture Programme (2007–2013)
Strand 2 - Support for Organisations active at European level in the field of culture
Avenue du Bourget 1
(BOUR 04/13)
B – 1140 Brussels Belgium

Documents can be sent:
- by post
- by express courier service
- delivered in person by applicants themselves, not later than 16:00 on 15/09/2010.

Further assistance

Technical questions

If, after referring to the pdf Culture eForm User Guide, you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem which could not be solved, please contact the phone or email HelpDesk services that are available to assist you.
Phone HelpDesk: +32 229 90705
Email help desk: eacea-external-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu

These services are available until 15/09/2011 at 12:00 CEST, from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 16:30 (CEST).

If you are experiencing a technical eForm problem in the approach to the midday deadline (12:00 CEST) on 15/09/2011, please ensure that you request assistance from the Helpdesk before the midday deadline has passed. If the Helpdesk is contacted after the midday deadline, your application will under no circumstances be accepted due to the principle of equal treatment.

When contacting the Helpdesk by e-mail, clearly describe the technical problem you are encountering. It is advisable to attach a document with print screens to illustrate the problem (e.g. a print screen of any error message encountered).


Question concerning the content of your application or the rules which are applicable within Strand 2

- If, after consulting the Programme Guide and the Instructions for applicants you still have questions concerning the content of your application or the rules which are applicable within strand 2, do not contact the above help desk address. You may contact the Cultural Contact Point for your country, which can provide valuable information and assistance.

- As last resort, you can send an email to the Executive Agency, at the following address: EACEA-P5-OPERATINGGRANTS@ec.europa.eu Please note however that the Executive Agency is not authorised to answer to queries relating to the content of your application.

Information concernin Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an eligible country under the Culture Programme (the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed on 21/12/2010. Please refer to this page for more information http://ec.europa.eu/culture/key-documents/doc1209_en.htm).


Information concerning Albania

Albania will participate in the Culture Programme (2007-2013) on the condition that a Memorandum of Understanding concerning its participation in the Culture Programme is signed with  the European Union. Albania will be considered eligible as from the date of entry into force of the Memorandum. Please refer to this link to have an update on this question. 

Until then, it is advisable to add a supplementary coorganiser to the minimum of coorganisers requested in case you want to involve a coorganiser from Albania.

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