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Strand 1.2.2 - Call for proposals EACEA 10/2006

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Following the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (No L 372 of 27 December 2006) of the Decision No 1855/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, establishing the Culture Programme 2007-2013, the conditional calls for proposals EACEA No 9/2006 and 10/2006 shall be considered as definite and final and any respective precautionary clause is rendered null and void.


  • Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein:
    Envisaged participation in 2007 - Negotiations are in progress to establish their participation.
  • Turkey, Croatia:
    Envisaged participation in 2007 - Negotiations are in progress to establish their participation.

The Commission wishes to encourage the Cultural Operators of the European Union countries to submit projects including one of the five countries listed above. However, the Commission cannot guarantee that the necessary agreements will be finalised before the projects’ selection date. 

As a word of caution for this first year, it is recommended for the EU operators submitting annual projects, to ensure the presence of 3 EU Co-organizers as well as a Co-organizer from one of the countries mentioned above. It is also recommended for EU operators submitting multi-annual projects, to have 6 EU Co-organizers as well as one from the five countries mentioned above. These recommendations will ensure that the projects remain eligible even if the agreements are not concluded in time.

Legal basis

Call for proposals EACEA 10/2006: Strand 1.2.2

It should be noted that the selection procedure will last several months. It guarantees the transparency of the Community action and provides the stringency needed to ensure that public funds are used appropriately.

For further information please contact the Cultural Contact Point of your country

Deadline for submission of applications: 28/02/2007


Official Journal of the European Union

The Call for Proposals in all the 20 official languages of the EU can be found in the Official Journal C 270 of the 07/11/2006.

Click on the linguistic version of your choice to view the Call:

Word file enenen  enenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenen


The Specifications (Technical explanations accompanying the Call for proposals for 2007) provide information on the eligibility, selection and award criteria, as well as the financial procedures and the conditions for submitting an application.

Click on the linguistic version of your choice to view the Specifications:

  • Strand 1.2.2: Word file enenen  Word file enenen 

Application File

Applicants are requested to read carefully the Specifications and the Applicant's Guide before completing and submitting their applications.

The Application Form consists of two Parts and an Applicant's guide

  • Part I: Information on the Applicant
  • Part II: Information on the Project
  • Application Forms (Part I and II + Applicant's Guide)
    Strand 1.2.2: Word file enende Word fileenende

Supplementary information

Grant agreement model for literary translation will be available subsequently.

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