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Frequently asked questions


Question 1:
In the case of a request for a Framework Partnership Agreement what level of details is required in the Action Plan for 2009 and 2010?

The same level of details is not expected for the years 2009 and 2010 than for 2008. For the year 2008, applicants are requested to present a detailed Programme of activities as well as a detailed budget. However, the three year action plan must give a reasonable idea of the strategy your organisation will put in place as well as the main activities. The three year action plan will have to reflect the understanding of the award criteria as its achievements will be assessed against them.

Question 2:
Can an operator currently in receipt of funding under strand 2 of the Programme Culture 2007 also apply for a project to be funded under this Call for Proposals?

Yes, they can, provided that ...

  1. they do not include in their proposal submitted under Strand 1 operating costs already financed under Strand 2 of the Programme (OCE) and
  2. they propose a project/action that is not part of their annual work programme

Applicants should pay attention to the question of 'double funding' (i.e. the same project receives funds from two sources), as this is illegal based on the EC Financial Regulation.

Actions co-financed under this Call for Proposals must not receive any other form of Community financing. This is why applicants are obliged to provide information in the Application form indicating all European Community grants already received or in progress, as well as any other applications submitted to the European Commission or other sources of funding during the same year.

Question 3:
Does an applicant submit two grant applications if one aims at sending applications for framework partnership agreement and annual operating?

If an organisation wants to submit requests for a framework partnership agreement and an annual operating grant, only one application is necessary. The application form has been formatted to simplify the process. Applicant has simply to tick the cells to identify the type of proposals submitted (page two of the Application Form). And in the case of a request for framework partnership agreement the applicant has to complete, in addition to the other parts of the application form, the Section II - Action Plan (2008 – 2010) of Part II.

Question 4:
Category Ambassador – Can you clarify the terms "The body’s activities must ‘physically’ be carried out in at least seven countries participating in the Programme".

Eligible activities performed by the applicant as an Ambassador should be directly linked to the Programme of activities submitted and correspond to the definition as set in the specifications and the legal basis. For instance, for an orchestra, the activities could cover the tour performed by the orchestra in the different countries participating in the Programme Culture, the auditions to select musicians, the trainings of the musicians, etc.  These eligible activities must take place in at least 7 countries participating to the Programme Culture.