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Strand 1.2.2 –Literary translation projects

What to do in the cases of changes to the project ?

Please inform the Agency of any change foreseen in the project. Changes that were not communicated to the Agency, or that were communicated only after they took place, will not be accepted.

Certain changes need to be formalised via amendment to the Grant Agreement/Decision. Such changes need to be requested in a formal manner and need to reach the Agency before the change takes place and at the very latest one month before the end of the eligibility period as mentioned in Art.II.12, of your Grant Decision/agreement.

Please read the attached document for more information and guidance: en Word

Where to find the logo and the accompanying sentence ?

The EU and Culture Programme’s logo should be printed on each translated book together with the following  accompanying phrase. "This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

How to receive your payment ?

Final Report and Final Payment

Please send your final report when you the action is completed (all books are translated) and at the latest 2 months after the end of the eligibility period of your translation project. The deadline is indicated in your Grant Agreement or Decision.

Content of the final report:

The final report consists of the following documents:

  • One Final Technical Report per book (see template below)
  • Final Financial Accounts (see template below)
  • Translated books as published with the EU logo and accompanying sentences (see below)
  • Proofs that the translators have been paid (see below)

Information concerning the calculation of the final grant: en Word

Templates to be used:

  • Final Technical Report : one report per book:
    • Poetry: en Word
    • Non-poetry: en Word
  • Final Financial Accounts (poetry and/or non-poetry)
    • Poetry and non-poetry: en Excel (open-office format: en)

Published translated work with the EU logo and accompanying sentence

One copy of each published translation should be sent together with the final report see general condition n°7 of the grand decision/agreement and annexe III.1

Proof that the translators have been paid

Please attach ALL following proofs of payment to the translator:

  • a bank statement (the name of the translator has to appear on it)


  • a declaration of the translator stating that he/she received the amount in question for the translation of the book in question,


  • a signed copy of the identity card of the translator          

Address of the Agency and contact email:

All requested documents and annexes should be duly dated and signed by the authorized legal representative mentioned in the Grant Agreement/Decision, and sent together by post to the following address:
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Unit B1 – Creative Europe Culture
Final Report 2013-XXXX – Strand 1.2.2
Avenue du Bourget, 1
B-1049 Brussels

Should you have any questions, please send an email to:

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