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Beneficiaries 2007
Strand 1.2.2 - Call for proposals EACEA 10/2006

Support for cultural actions – Literary Translation

Final report and final payment

In order to receive your final payment, please send the following documents to the Executive Agency at latest 2 months after the end of the eligibility period of your action.

1. Word Final report to be filled in for each translation, recording the name of the translator

2. Excel Final financial statements shall give details of the eligible costs incurred in carrying out activity in accordance with the conditions set down in the agreement and its annexes.

The financial statements must be submitted in Euro.

Please notice that:

  • Any conversion of costs from other currency into Euro incurred outside the EURO zone shall be made at the monthly accounting rate established by the European Commission and published on the following website: http://europa.eu.int/comm/budget/inforeuro/index.cfm?Language=en

    You should use the exchange rate of the month when the final report is submitted.  In any case, the monthly rate to be used for the conversion of costs into Euro cannot be later than the rate of the second month following the end date of the eligibility period of the project.
  • We do not request originals of the invoices. However please keep them as we may ask at random for the invoices and in case of an audit you have to present them.

3. One copy of each translated work

Please send the requested documents and annexes (duly dated and signed by the authorised person)

by post:

EACEA – Unit P5 Culture
Call EACEA 10/2006 (payment request),
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 04/13)
B-1140 Brussels – Belgium


by e-mail: EACEA-P5-LITERARYTRANSLATION@ec.europa.eu

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