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Beneficiaries 2007
Strand 1.2.1 - Call for proposals EACEA 09/2006

Cooperation measures

Final report and final payment

In order to receive your final payment, please send the following documents at the latest 2 months after the end of the eligibility period of your project.

  1. Word Final activity report: shall give a description of the project activities and results as well as an evaluation of the cooperation among co-organisers and shall contain
    • the final technical implementation report (doc) providing information about the implementation of project activities and an overall evaluation of the results of the project and the cooperation among co-organisers.
    • copies of project products (ie. publication, brochure, poster, invitation, DVD, CDrom, T-shirt)
    • indication of the website address where evidence of publicity on Community funding can be found.
  2. Final financial statements: shall give details of the eligible costs incurred in connection with the project in accordance with the conditions laid down in the grant agreement and its annexes.

    The financial statements must be submitted in Euro.

    For more information, please read PDF Practical information and Guidance

    The final financial statements shall contain:

    a) the final financial accounts (Annex III)

    b) a full summary statement of the receipts and expenditure in the co-ordinator's and the co-organisers' accounts for the eligibility period covered by the grant agreement

    The documents to be used for the financial statements will be sent to you separately by e-mail.

Please send the requested documents and annexes (duly dated and signed by the authorised person)

by post:

EACEA – Unit P5 Culture

Call EACEA 09/2006 (request for final payment)
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 04/13)
B-1140 Brussels – Belgium

and by e-mail: EACEA-P5-COOPERATIONPROJECTS@ec.europa.eu

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