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Cooperation projects (2015)

Cooperation projects (2015)

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01/10/2014 - 12:00 (CET/CEST, Brussels time)

EACEA 32/2014

2015 call for proposals (EACEA 32/2014) for 'Support to European cooperation projects' (further language versions will be added as soon as possible) (published on 31/07/2014)

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The guidelines for call for proposals EACEA 32/2014  explain how to submit a proposal.

The English version is the original text and the only one which is legally binding.

Guidelines (fr)492.75 KB
Guidelines (de)586.4 KB
Guidelines704.47 KB

Organisations wishing to apply for 'Support to European cooperation projects' are invited to submit applications online by 1 October 2014, 12:00 noon (midday, Brussels time) to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.

The Guide for applicants is intended to help applicants through the process of preparing an application.


Before starting your application:

1. Read the Call for proposals, the Guidelines and the Guide for applicants carefully.

2. Applicants must have an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) account. If you already have an ECAS account, you may use it. Otherwise, click here to create an ECAS account. When you have created your ECAS account, return to this page.

You are now ready to start the application process:

1. The applicant and all partner organisations must be registered in the Participant Portal. Organisations that register in the Portal receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC) that will be requested in the application form.
Given that each applicant organisation should use only one PIC code, please first check with your legal representative's office whether such a PIC number has already been created for your organisation. If this is the case, you may use this PIC code to create your electronic application form.For practical details on how to use the Participant Portal, please consult the following presentation.

2. If not, your organisation should register in the Participant Portal. To access the Participant Portal, you will also need your ECAS username and password.
Applicants should attach in the Portal:
a. Legal entity form accompanied by the required annexes

3. Create your official electronic application form, also called the eForm (please refer to the eForm section).

Completing your application

1. Do not forget also to complete the compulsory annexes to the eForm.

2. Once you have completed the eForm and attached the annexes, validate it. This triggers an automatic check that informs you if your application form is complete. If this is the case, you can submit it online.

3. When you have submitted your application online, you should receive a confirmation email and reference number. If not, contact the helpdesk.

4. Prepare your application package following the instructions in the Guidelines and the Guide for applicants.

NB: If you experience technical difficulties with the submission of your eForm you must contact the helpdesk by email BEFORE the submission deadline, explaining the nature of the problem and joining your eForm.

Please click here to access and fill in the eForm.

For additional technical instructions, please refer to the eForm User Guide.

Please do not forget also to complete the compulsory annexes to the eForm, and to send the application package. Please refer to the Annexes section to download the templates of annexes.

Further assistance

If, after referring to the eForm User Guide you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem, please contact the HelpDesk services.

HelpDesk e-mail address: eacea-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu

HelpDesk phone: +32 2 299 0705

New version of eForm for Cooperation projects

Attention : If you have downloaded your eForm before 12/09/2014 8PM and if your project contains more than 4 organisations, please read the following. As the result of a technical issue, table C.2.1 "Organisation – Information" of the e-form will not contain all of your organisations. You will have to follow the instruction in part B of the eForm User Guide to upload your old eForm to the eForm portal and download a new version which will contain all the information from the old eForm plus the functionality that was missing. The new version of the e-form will be available from 12/09/2014 8PM.

If there are less than 4 organisations involved in your project, no action is required.


Please carefully read the Guide for applicants for instructions on how to prepare the annexes to the eForm and your application package. Annex 3 of the Guidelines provides a check list of all documents that must be submitted with your application.

Mandatory template documents

 en Information on travel and subsistence rates.

For further information and assistance, please contact your Creative Europe desk

For very specific questions, please Contact EACEA

For technical problems, please contact the Helpdesk by email (eacea-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu)

For details about all conditions for participation, please read carefully the Guidelines.