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Action 4: Active European Remembrance

Funding opportunities 2009

Support to projects

Under this action, projects of the following types will be supported:

  • Projects linked to the preservation of the main sites and memorials associated with the mass deportations, the former concentration camps and other large-scale martyrdom and extermination sites of Nazism, as well as the archives documenting these events and for keeping alive the memory of the victims, as well as the memory of those who, under extreme conditions, rescued people from the Holocaust;
  • Projects linked to the commemoration of the victims of mass exterminations and mass deportations associated with Stalinism, as well as the preservation of the memorials and archives documenting these events.

All proposals must comply with the provisions set out in the full Programme Guide "Europe for Citizens" 2007 -2013

The programme Guide has the status of a call for proposals.

Deadline for applications 30 April 2009
Maximal duration of project 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010

-  Active European Remembrance

SIMPLIFICATION: For 'event' type of projects the grant will be calculated on the basis of fixed amounts per participant/day and lump sums for final products (publication, DVD/CD-ROM, internet site). The system provides the following advantages for the beneficiaries:

  • the amount awarded covers all possible costs; a detailed budget does not have to be submitted;
  • a detailed final statement of costs will not be required, nor does supporting documentation for the expenditure have to be supplied with the final project report;
  • the only requirement will be the submission of a report detailing the implementation and results of the project, a list of participants and copies of any final product; Additionally, for statistical purposes, beneficiaries will be required to supply a summary breakdown of final project income and expenditure;
  • the beneficiary is at liberty to decide how to use the grant for the implementation of the project.

For further details, please read the chapter related to Action 4 of the Programme Guide.

Deadline: 30 April 2009

  • Application form (to be used both for "Events" projects and for "Production and realisation" projects):

    Application form Word file enfrfr

  • Documents and forms applicable for Remembrance Events projects (based on lump sums)

Grant calculator Excel enfrde
Model of list of participants: Excel enfrde(for information only)

  • Documents and forms applicable for 'Productions and realisations' projects
  • Budget: Excel enfrde

    Table of daily subsistence allowances for staff (for information only): Excel enfrde

  • Documents and forms applicable for all projects:

    Financial Identification form: download page enfrde
    Legal Entity form: download page enfrde
    European CV: Europass web site enfrde
    Financial Capacity Form Word file enfrde

  • Model Grant Decision and General Conditions
  • - decisions REM 2009 budget based Word file enfrde
    - decisions REM 2009 flat rate Word file enfrde
    - General conditions budget based Word file enfrde
    - General conditions flat rate Word file enfrde


Please see also our answers to frequenctly asked questions (FAQ)


- Contact

This action is managed by the EACEA, unit P7 Citizenship.
All relevant information can be obtained from:

EACEA - Unit P7 Citizenship
Support to Active European Remembrance projects
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 00/13)
B-1140 Brussels - Belgium
Email : eacea-p7-remembrance@ec.europa.eu
Fax:+32 2 296 23 89  

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