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Action 2 - Measure 3: Support for projects initiated by civil society organisations

-  All proposals must comply with the provisions set out in the full Programme Guide "Europe for Citizens" 2007-2013

The Programme Guide has the status of a Call for proposals.

Deadline for applications Maximal duration of project
15 February 2008 1 August 2008 to 31 July 2009

-  Please find hereafter all documents and forms for Civil society projects 2008

SIMPLIFICATION: For 'event' type of projects the grant will be calculated on the basis of fixed amounts per participant/day and lump sums for final products (publication, DVD/CD-ROM, internet site). The system provides the following advantages for the beneficiaries:

  • the amount awarded covers all possible costs; a detailed budget does not have to be submitted;
  • a detailed final statement of costs will not be required, nor does supporting documentation for the expenditure have to be supplied with the final project report;
  • the only requirement will be the submission of a report detailing the implementation and results of the project, a list of participants and copies of any final product; Additionally, for statistical purposes, beneficiaries will be required to supply a summary breakdown of final project income and expenditure;
  • the beneficiary is at liberty to decide how to use the grant for the implementation of the project.

For further details, please read the chapter related to Action 2 - Measure 3 of the Programme Guide.

Deadline: 15 February 2008

  •  Documents and forms applicable for 'Events' projects
  • Application form (including grant calculator): Word enfrde Update
    Grant calculator: Excel enfrde
    Model of list of participants: Excel enfrde

    Model of a Grant  Decision (for information only): PDF enfrde Update 14/02/2008 + 08/07/2008 + 17/07/2008
    General conditions for EU Grants - lump sum based (for information only): PDF enfrde Update 08/07/2008

The extension of the system of financing based upon flat rates for Action 4 "event" projects, also the amounts for the fixed rates in 2008 for action 1 measure 1.2; Action 2 measure 3; and action 4, are indicated subject to agreement by the European Commission to the 2008 work programme of the Directorate General for Education and Culture.

  • Documents and forms applicable for 'Productions and realisations' projects
  • Application form (including budget form): Word enfrde

    Model of a Grant Decision (for information only): PDF enfrde Update 14/02/2008 + 08/07/2008
    General conditions for EU Grants - budget based (for information only): PDF enfrde Update 08/07/2008
    Table of daily subsistence allowances for staff (for information only): Excel enfrde
    Budget: Excel enfrde

  • Documents and forms applicable for all projects:

    Financial Identification form: download page enfrde
    Legal Entity form: download page enfrde
    European CV: Europass web site enfrde
    Financial Capacity Form Word file enfrde


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