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Beneficiaries 2013 for Action 4, Active European Remembrance

For selected projects in 2013

In order to receive their final grants, all beneficiaries must submit a final report to the Executive Agency no later than 2 months after the end of the project (as reported in the Grant Decision/Agreement).

How to receive your payment

For all beneficiaries:

ATTENTION: It is mandatory for all beneficiaries 2013 to use the Electronic Final Report (E- Final report), which will be transmitted to you in due time by e-mail.

Once you have downloaded the Electronic Final report (E-final report) you must complete all the data fields.  In addition, you must complete and attach the following additional documents/ Annexes:  

  • Annex 1: Declaration of honour Word enenen

  • Financial annex/annexes: see below

For Beneficiaries of projects financed by Lump sum contributions:

The following Financial Annex should be attached to the E-final report before its submission:

  • Annex 2: Financial final report - Grant calculation sheet Excel enenen

Please note that the acceptance of the Final report is conditioned upon the publication of the project related information on the website of the beneficiary.

In order to receive the payment of the grant the beneficiary must publish on its website the information containing the details on the implemented project (i.e. place and dates of the events, number of participants in the events per country, brief description of the activities).

The Final report must clearly indicate the link to the website allowing having access to the posted information. This information must be available on the website of the beneficiary concerned for 6 months upon the accomplishment of the project.

Word Information template en fr de bg cs da et es es es hr it lv lt hu mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi sv

This information must be transmitted to all project partners in order to be published in their respective websites.

Moreover, the communication tools produced during the project implementation (i.e. DVD, publication etc.) must be mentioned and, to the extent possible, made available on the website of the beneficiary.

ATTENTION: The beneficiary is not requested any longer to submit the participants’ lists within the final report.

For beneficiaries of projects financed on a the basis of real costs (budget) (List of documents to be provided)

The following Financial Annex/annexes should be attached to the E-final report before submitting:

  • Annex 2: Financial final report – Final Financial report Excel enenen
  • Annex 3 (Only if the grant awarded is higher than EUR 60.000 (as referred to in Art. 3 of the Grant Decision/Agreement)): A Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report – Type I The “Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report - Type I” has to be produced by an approved auditor or in case of public bodies, by a competent and independent public officer. The model is available here.
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