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Beneficiaries 2012 for Action 1, Measure 1.1: Citizens' Meetings

For selected projects in 2012

How to receive your payment

In order to receive their grants all beneficiaries must send a final report to the Executive Agency no later than 2 months after their citizens' meeting.

The final report includes a narrative section on the carrying out of the project. Results and achievements justifying the payment must be described in detail in the narrative report.
A list of the invited participants must be enclosed as part of the final report. Please provide a separate list for each invited town certified by the legal representative of the host and invited towns.

  • Word Final report - narrative section en fr de

  • Word Template for participant lists en fr de


Please send all the requested documents (duly dated and signed by the authorized person) for the final payment by post to the following address:
EACEA - Education, Audivisual and Culture Executive Agency - Unit P7 Citizenship
Action 1 Town Twinning Citizens' Meetings
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR 01/04A)
B-1140 Brussels - Belgium

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