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Action 2 - measure 1 and 2 : Active civil society in Europe
How to receive your final payment

For selected projects in 2009

Measure 1: Structural support for think-thanks and
Measure 2: Structural support for civil society organisations at European level

In order to receive your final payment, the final activity reports and the compulsory annexes have to be submitted to the Executive Agency at the latest 2 months after the end of the eligibility period.

The final report includes one narrative section on the carrying out of the working programme, and one financial part (detailed budget). The beneficiary must fill in both parts. Results and achievements justifying the payment must be described in detail in the narrative report.

Final report - Narrative section Word en

Compulsory annexes:

  • (if applicable) A copy of the outputs, such as publications, CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs productions
  • (if applicable) The address of the website implemented with the Operating grant
  • A copy of the programme of the main activities organised

Compulsory financial annexes:

  • Certified annual accounts - including the certified number of staff employed - for the period of eligibility covered by the agreement. No invoices should be sent with this document.
  • If grant exceeds 100.000 EUR, an external audit report on the beneficiary's accounts and on the number of staff employed, for the period of eligibility covered by the agreement, produced by an approved auditor.
  • In case of a flat-rate operating grant : Declaration on staff employed (see model available on the EACEA web-site). Word en
  • In case of a budget-based operating grant : Final financial statement (see model available on the EACEA web-site). Word en

Please, send the final report to the following address:

Education, Audivisual and Culture Executive Agency
Unit P7 Citizenship
Action 2 – Measures 1 and 2
Operating Grants
Avenue du Bourget, 1 (BOUR, 01/17)
B-1140 Brussels

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