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Beneficiaries 2009 for Action 1 Measure 1.2: The Thematic Networking of Twinned Towns

(deadline for submission of applications on 01/12/2008)

How to receive your payment

In order to receive their grants all beneficiaries must send the following items to the Executive Agency no later than 2 months after their project ends.

  1. A final report - narrative section - using the template provided (with copies of any press and publicity materials);
  2. A financial final report - grant calculation sheet(s) - using the templates provided;
  3. Fully completed and signed lists of persons who participated in the conference(s) / workshop(s) and who are included in the grant calculation sheet(s) - using the templates provided. Separate lists must be provided for local and international participants.
  4. An original of the programme for the event(s) and of the documentation distributed, with an indication of the places, dates and timetable;
  5. (if applicable) Two originals of publications, CD-ROMs or DVDs produced;
  6. (if applicable) The address of the website created for the project and of 5 other independent sites providing a link to the site created;
  7. (if applicable) A copy of the invoices for printing and publication, for the creation of the CD/DVD master-copy, for copying, engraving, creation of the website – or any other supporting evidence;
  8. (if applicable) A copy of the distribution list for the communication tools;

The Executive Agency will calculate the final grant based on the information provided in the above mentioned documents.

Payment Documents:

  • Final report - narrative section with templates for participant lists enfrde

  • Financial final report - grant calculation sheet - conferences enfrde

  • Financial final report - grant calculation sheet - communication tools enfrde

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