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Town Twinning, Action 1, Measure 1.1, Citizens' Meetings
How to receive your payment - 2007

In order to receive their grants all beneficiaries must send 4 documents to the Executive Agency no later than 2 months after their citizens' meeting.

The 4 documents are:

  1. A final report describing the event, the results and impact of the project.
  2. A payment request.
  3. A list of participants from invited towns (a separate list for each invited town must be provided).
  4. A summary statement of actual costs incurred in holding the citizens' meeting.

The Executive Agency will calculate the final grant based on the information provided in the above mentioned documents. The total amount of the final grant (organisation + transport for the invited towns) will be paid to the host town/grant beneficiary. A letter indicating the individual amounts of the final grant attributed for organisation and travel costs will be sent to the beneficiary so that funds may be distributed to the invited towns.

Should the total final grant calculated by EACEA be less than €1,000 no grant will be paid. Beneficiaries are however still required to submit the above documentation duly completed.

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