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1. I would like to study in the USA, can I apply for a grant through your Programme?

No, the industrialised countries cooperation programmes only give financial support to a group of EU and USA higher learning institutions that form a consortium with the goal to achieve specific objectives. Only students belonging to universities that are selected for funding can apply to their university to do a period of study in the USA. The programme deals with higher education and training and not directly with individuals seeking or scholarship opportunities abroad. As a general rule regarding funding information for studies in the USA, please refer to scholarship information from the financial aid office at the american university where you wish to study. However, www.studyusa.com does offer some information regarding funding opportunities for foreign students.

2. Are consortia directed at postdoctoral research eligible for support

? The postdoctoral activities are not covered by the project. The programme provides support to consortia of universities ( a consortium contains a minimum of one American institution and two European ones) in relation to joint projects of curriculum development and student exchanges at undergraduate and graduate level as well as faculty mobility.

3. Can an EU enlargement country (Croatia, Turkey or Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) apply for the programme ?

No, the applicant, as well as the EU partner organisations, has to come from one of the European Member States.

4. How does the selection process take place?

All proposals are first assessed by a group of independent experts in Brussels. Then, a joint selection committee between EU and US will analyse the received proposals in order to establish a list of projects to be proposed for funding.

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