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Bilateral Cooperation in the field of higher education

About EU-USA Atlantis Programme

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The EU-US bilateral Agreement primarily aims to promote understanding between people of the European Union and the United States of America and to improve the quality of their human resource development.

The EU-US Agreement through the ATLANTIS Programmes supports consortia of higher education and training institutions working together at undergraduates or graduates level to improve their educational services, to compare and modernise curricula and to develop joint study programmes with full recognition of credits and qualifications.

The programme's origin

The origin of the EU-US cooperation in education and training dates from the 1990's Transatlantic Declaration on EU-U.S. Relations. Following a two-year exploratory phase (1993-95), a first 5-year Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the United States was signed in 1995. The Agreement was renewed in 2000 for another five years until 2005 and it has been renewed again in 2006 for the period up to 2013, leading to the Atlantis programme on higher education and training.

PDF EU-US Agreement


Action1 — Transatlantic Degree Consortia Projects (TD)

This Action provides support for consortia of EU and US higher education institutions (hereafter called ‘consortium’) to implement dual/double or joint degree programs referred to in the present document as ‘Transatlantic Degrees’. Support includes mobility grants for students and members of the academic and administrative staff (‘faculty’).

Action2 — Excellence in Mobility Projects (EIM)

This Action provides funding for international curriculum development projects that involve short-term transatlantic mobility not directly related to the award of a joint or dual/double degree. Support includes mobility grants for students and members of the academic and administrative staff (‘faculty’).

Action3 — Policy-oriented Measures (POM)

This Action provides support to multilateral EU-U.S. projects and activities designed to enhance collaboration in the higher education and vocational training field.

The projects' duration varies between 24 and 48 months depending on the action.

Responsible entities for the management of the Programme

The European Commission provides funding for the direct use of the EU partners through the Executive Agency for Education Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA), and the US Department of Education ((IFLE) provides equivalent funding for the direct use of the United States partner(s).




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