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Call for proposals 2007

Reference: EAC/06/2007
Deadline: 31 May 2007

Call is closed. See the results page.

The European Commission has launched together with the US Department of Education a new joint call for proposals covering a series of actions - grouped under the common title of "ATLANTIS". The 2007 ATLANTIS Call for Proposals covers the following actions:


  • Transatlantic Degree Consortia Projects
    This Action provides support for consortia of EU and U.S. higher education institutions to implement dual/double or joint degree programmes. Transatlantic Degree consortia projects may apply for three types of funding: i) flat rates/fixed amounts for administering the project to consortia institutions, ii) transatlantic mobility grants to EU and U.S. students and iii) transatlantic mobility grants to EU and U.S. faculty. The overall amount of funding on the EU side for a 4-year Transatlantic Degree consortia Project cannot exceed a maximum of EUR 408,000.

  • Excellence Mobility Projects
    This Action provides funding for international curriculum development projects that involve short term transatlantic mobility not directly related to the award of a joint or dual/double degree. Consortia applying for such kind of project must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in transatlantic cooperation and exchanges including those funded under preceding EU-U.S. agreements. Support includes mobility stipends for students and faculty and flat rates/fixed amounts for the consortia institutions. The overall amount of funding on the EU side for a 4-year Excellence Mobility Project cannot exceed a maximum of EUR 180,000.

  • Policy Oriented Measures
    This Action provides support to multilateral EU-US projects and activities designed to enhance collaboration in the higher education and vocational training field. The EU side of the consortia implementing policy-oriented measures may apply for a funding of up to 75% of the project cost incurred by the EU side, up to a maximum of 50,000 EUR, for projects with a maximum duration of two years.


For EU institutions, the budget available amounts to approximately EUR 4.2 million. The largest portion of this will be devoted to Transatlantic Degree Projects. For U.S. institutions comparable funding will be provided. U.S. new and continuing awards are made pending annual congressional appropriations. The European Commission will provide funding for the direct use of the EU partners, and the U.S. Department of Education (IFLE) will provide funding for the direct use of the United States partner(s). It is anticipated that six to eight Transatlantic Degree projects, three to five Excellence in Mobility and three to five Policy-Oriented Measures projects will be funded in 2007.


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